Ranking All John Wick Films From Worst To Best

Ranking All John Wick Films From Worst To Best

Let’s get something straight, there are no bad John Wick films. However, that doesn’t mean all the entries are on equal footing when it comes to quality. The franchise warmed the hearts of action fans when it was released in September 2014. The premise was simple – a retired assassin reverts to his old ways after a group of Russian gangsters steal his car and kill a puppy that was gifted to him by his late wife.

The series grew and evolved throughout its four films and John Wick helped push the action genre forward in terms of fights. Though there have been whispers about John Wick: Chapter 5 going into development, Chapter 4 was originally billed as the final installment of the popular series. This list will rank the entire John Wick franchise from worst to best.

4. John Wick: Chapter 4

Ranking All John Wick Films From Worst To Best

Credit: John Wick: Chapter 4

Again, there are no terrible entries in the series. Chapter 4 was a fitting conclusion to the John Wick saga with the returned assassin finally getting his freedom. Though, killing off Mr. Wick himself was a bold choice. The entire Paris sequence was brilliant. It showcased why this franchise was so beloved and demonstrated some of the best fight sequences ever produced in a film.

Another standout was Donnie Yen’s character, who was a compelling force from beginning to end. Making the character blind was a great choice as it allowed for a unique fighting style for Caine. Chapter 4 was packed to the gills with action, which is also its downfall. There’s not much story to gravitate to other than kill John Wick. That’s an issue when no one expects Wick to die early in the entire film. It kills the suspense and drama of most of the fights, even though they’re top-notch.

The action sequences are diverse enough, but the runtime is a bit long and Marquis (Bill Skarsgard) always feels like a character, not an actual human being. Though John Wick’s death was a surprise, the story overall was predictable. The final chapter was really good, but still the weakest entry on the list.

3. John Wick: Chapter 3

John Wick

A strong entry that continued to expand the scope of the series. Chapter 3 arguably had some of the best fights in the trilogy; his sequence at the antique shop was truly riveting and the highway sequence was some of the finest action ever made in the modern world of filmmaking. John Wick: Chapter 3 also introduced an interesting set of new characters.

Sofia (Halle Berry) sticks out from the bunch and her dynamic with John was the best. Shockingly, a spin-off with her character wasn’t greenlit as her backstory is truly intriguing. Zero (Mark Dascascos) was a little too silly, but he was still entertaining and his fight was a fun burst of energy. Like Chapter 4, the fights are diverse (and better), and Chapter 3 does much better with its runtime, though the story is still predictable.

2. John Wick

Ranking All John Wick Films From Worst To Best

The premise of the first film is simple, but that’s why it is so special. John Wick tends to be at its best when it’s not overly convoluted with mythology and world-building. To be clear, the entire franchise never goes overboard in terms of story or characters, but the mystery surrounding the first film helped heighten the tension and suspense because this is the introduction of the character.

The first film does an excellent job building the world and there are plenty of standouts. Ms. Perkins (Adrianne Palicki) is the best supporting character in the first installment and her interactions with John were great. Marcus (Willem Dafoe) was also another fun side character who was arguably killed off too soon. John Wick introduced audiences to a cool and unique world that had unlimited storytelling possibilities. And though the action from the series has evolved in each installment, the simplicity in the first film remains wildly entertaining. An excellent start to the franchise overall.

1. John Wick: Chapter 2

Ranking All John Wick Films From Worst To Best

The story of Chapter 2 gets more complex, but there’s still more of a mystery element to the world itself that benefits the sequel. With better fights and brutal (but awesome) kills, Chapter 2 did a solid job when it came to characterization and Riccardo Scamarcio (Santino D’Antonio) remains the best villain of the series in my book.

He was a slimy and smug villain who was easy to hate. It did feel that they tried to replicate his character through Marquis, though Riccardo had a certain charm that was missing from Marquis. John’s fight with Cassian (Common) was the highlight of the film. Their chemistry was strong because both characters complimented each other nicely. Expanding the world of John Wick did wonders for the series.

It helped elevate side characters like Winston (Ian McShane) and Charon (Lance Reddick) and gave us exciting action sequences that topped the first film in every single. The story also added some layers to John himself. A remarkable sequel that expands on the lore of the original film, without losing the spirit of what made John Wick so popular.

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