R. Kelly Reportedly Evicted from His Alleged ‘Sex-Cult’ Mansion

According to a report in the Daily Mail, hip-hop singer R. Kelly has been evicted from his home. The Chicago star was in two months’ worth of rent arrears totaling $23,084.90 on the mansion he rented in Duluth, Atlanta. As a result of the rental arrears and additional fees, he was evicted from this property, which is just one of his Georgian mansions. Sources have revealed that it now looks as though the mansion is abandoned following the notice that was served on Tuesday. Not only was there nobody inside the mansion, the property also appeared empty and bare. The same source also reported that Kelly had suffered some financial problems in recent months and this was one of the reasons why he was forced to downsize his team.

The home from which R. Kelly has been evicted is the very same one where it was alleged last year that he was hosting a sex cult. Rumours suggested that he also had a nearby apartment that he used to hide guests in if they came by his house. These sex-related allegations are one of the reasons that have led to R. Kelly experiencing financial difficulties over the last year.

The singer was quite comfortable in the house as he had spent a considerable sum of money renovating the property to make it feel like home. In fact, it is estimated he spent around $300,000 making improvements to the mansion. Two examples of the work he had completed are the creation of a basketball court and transforming an existing room into a cigar bar. Now that he has been evicted, it seems the work, time and effort he put into this have been wasted.

Despite making these improvements, it seems his landlord is dissatisfied with the condition of the property. There are rumors circulating that R. Kelly is having criminal charges filed against him for damage done to the property in Atlanta. This is not the only property-related issue that R. Kelly has suffered in recent months as he has also had two of his Atlanta homes burgled in December 2017. While Kelly was away on tour over Thanksgiving weekend, a burglar apparently wiped out two of his Atlanta properties. The police report said that items taken included electronics, furniture, and personal belongings.

Following the burglary, three men were apprehended leaving the property by the police and were later taken in for questioning. The culprits told police in their statement that they were ordered to commit the burglary by Alfonso Walker, who is an associate of Kelly’s. They also said they were ordered to sell the contents as Walker had told them that Kelly was making a permanent move to Chicago. The police searched Walker’s home to recover the items belonging to Kelly. When questioned, Walker gave several different accounts of what he was in possession of Kelly’s personal belongings. In a statement, R. Kelly’s team has simply said that they had told authorities that Walker was merely a part-time employee of Kelly’s.

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