Queens Season 1 Episode 3 Review

Queens Season 1 Episode 3 Review

Queens Season 1 Episode 3 Review

From the hardcore lyrics and iconic beats, it’s easy to forget that Queens is a fictional show and not actually the real deal thing. The show is so “hip hop” which makes it so magical if you’re into hip hop and rap culture like I am. The episode starts off with the ladies feeling every bit overwhelmed at a negative review of their last show, in which the journalist called them “washed up”. The fans are looking to the Nasty B**** to meet their nostalgic standards but to be honest it’s not possible. It’s not fair to expect a forty-year-old to be just as they were when they were twenty years younger. Therefore, the group realizes that they must rebrand themselves. As part of their new branding, the girls decide to simply be themselves and this means that everyone will be writing their own lyrics and telling their truth. Naomi reminds all of the girls that she was the one writing all of their melodies and Valeria lyrics back in the day and she’s the reason why they had so many hits. Naomi’s ego ignites one of the dopest freestyle battles we’ve seen on the show since it’s aired between her and Brianna. In true Hip-Hop battle style, nothing is off-limits. Naomi has been sleeping on Brianna, she tells her that she was known more for being a sex symbol rather than a true lyricist. But in the final round of the battle, Brianna tells the DJ to stop the music and she spits a hot acapella freestyle that blows us all away, causing Naomi to storm out the room and thereby secure the win.

Naomi’s verse talks about her love for her daughter expressing that she gives her hope and purpose. This episode explores Naomi’s relationship with her daughter JoJo. Naomi accompanies JoJo to a big audition at a classical music school. Jojo is the only black girl in the room and she’s afraid that she won’t be able to live up to the school’s standards of greatness. Naomi reminds Jojo of her black girl magic and gifts her a new pair of Jordans and slamming LA tacos to help soothe her nerves. Brianna’s verse is about her cheating husband and all that she has sacrificed over the years to be a good wife. Brianna doesn’t know whether she should walk away or give her marriage another chance. Jeff, on the other hand, isn’t ready to give up on his marriage. After a spontaneous romantic date, the beautiful moment gets ruined when Jeff’s mistress decides to call his phone. Brianna believes him when he says that he hasn’t been in contact with her for weeks. Just as Brianna decides to take Jeff back, she reads her “I Forgive You” speech to him while in bed, only to discover that he’s dead when he doesn’t respond back. This is perhaps the most heartbreaking moment the viewers have experienced on the show thus far. Brianna snuggles up next to her deceased husband and holds him one last time.

Jill, on the other hand, is enjoying life as an out lesbian. The LGBTQ community deemed her the “Hottest Lesbian In the World” which has brought in new fans and dating prospects. Jill’s verse talks all about her religious upbringing, the challenges she’s faced as a closeted lesbian, and how her life has changed now that she’s living in her truth. Jill meets Alicia a reporter from Out magazine. Alicia flirts with Jill and invites her to hang out with friends at a gay bar. Jill admits that it’s her first time at a gay bar and that she’s unfamiliar with the whole LBGTQ scene. Alicia teaches her the ropes and she also succeeds in getting into her pants at the end of the night. We’re anxious to see how Jill’s night with Alicia will affect her relationship with her partner back home. Meanwhile, Valeria is having trouble writing her verse mainly because she’s lost a sense of herself and culture while living in Los Angeles. Eric takes her to a restaurant that reminds Valeria of her Puerto Rican roots. The two laugh and reminisce while enjoying some good Spanish cuisine. Eric tries to get in her pants but she quickly reminds him that she doesn’t backtrack and prefers to leave the past in the past especially since she knows that Naomi’s daughter might be his biological child. By the end of the night, Valeria finds her inner hip-hop being and she’s able to write a dope verse for their new lead single.LGBTQ communityLGBTQ community

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