This is a Pretty Cool ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Beer Commercial

I must need to watch Ash vs. The Evil Dead if I’m going to understand this beer commercial. Of course anything with Bruce Campbell in it is something I’m going to consider awesome, at least for a few minutes. I must say though I’m glad they didn’t bring him back for the latest rendition of the Evil Dead, at least not until the post credits scene. I really hope that if another one gets made that he’s in it just to spice it up finally and make it what it used to be. Of course back in the day the original Evil Dead had its ups and downs with the fans too. But eventually it became a cult classic, right up until it was sunk with Army of Darkness.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched every movie and love them still, but by the time Army of Darkness rolled out the story was kind of going off the rails and didn’t seem to have much chance of getting back to a solid base. Evil Dead 2 was probably the best because it was still horror but it had enough elements of comedy in it as well to make it a memorable and really fun movie to watch.  The madness, the horror, the overall campy nature of it, made the film something that could be fully enjoyed and yet still scare the living hell out of people when they least expected it.

I’ll admit I haven’t watched the show yet but given that it’s the Evil Dead I can only imagine that it’s bloody, gory, and completely out of control at times. I mean come on, it’d have to be just because of the base from which it’s working. Ash is kind of the hero that doesn’t always know what he’s doing but still knows enough to take care of business when he has to. With his chainsaw and his boom-stick he’s the kind of guy that you don’t want to mess with whether you’re a human or a demon. That’s been proven throughout the first few movies and should be proven throughout the show.

So yeah he’s gotten older and a bit heavier in the middle, but he’s still essentially the same guy. He can still carve up the bad guys and spew the old one-liners that made him so popular. And he can still give the look that means he’s about to go postal on something or someone that just ticked him off.

I’ll be honest and state that I still pine for the old days when he was back in the cabin and on the verge of going nuts because he didn’t know how to deal with everything that was going on. The days when he was fighting his severed hand and laughing like a loon along with the rest of the items in the house right before nearly gunning down a group of people trying to reach the cabin were good memories.

But like all things that has to give way to what’s popular as of now. Thankfully Bruce Campbell is still the man.

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