Ouch, Paul Bettany’s Kids Throw Shade at His Character

Ouch, Paul Bettany’s Kids Throw Shade at His Character

Ouch, Paul Bettany’s Kids Throw Shade at His Character

How does it feel to know that your own kids don’t think that much of the character you’re playing in the movies? A lot of people might think that it’s not that big of a deal since kids tend to admire one thing and one person after another as they grow up. Some kids go from loving the Care Bears to My Little Pony to eventually thinking that stuff is for babies and that it’s lame. But to get shade from your own kids after playing a character that some people call the worst Avenger on the team, that’s rough. One could probably guess that Paul doesn’t let this get him down that much, but it’s still something to think about since one can easily hope that their spouse and children would be supportive of their job in one way or another. But as I mentioned, kids tend to go through phases of liking one thing or another before they finally make up their minds. The argument that the Vision is the worst Avenger is kind of a difficult one to support, but some people are adamant about it. 

The argument isn’t too hard to make, to begin with since the MCU hasn’t given this character leave to use his full potential since bringing him in, as the Vision is one of the toughest Avengers on the roster and could have likely ended Civil War if not for Wanda, and if not for the fact that he’s bound to be the most civil of the bunch, at least for a while. The fact that he can phase through pretty much anything, can increase his density to an insane degree and has an Infinity Stone in his forehead that allows him access to vast power that’s tough if not impossible to top makes him one of the most effective Avengers of all. Plus, being insanely strong and having the ability to fly only increases his efficiency. 

But seeing him as the worst could have something to do with the fact that Vision is portrayed as a very logical character that doesn’t just wade into a fight and would prefer to talk things out up until the moment when talk has been exhausted and there’s no other option except to fight. It almost feels as though too many people are forgetting his role in Avengers: Age of Ultron when he fought alongside the Avengers for the first time in the MCU, and when he showed that he’s capable of tearing things up when he really needs to. Then came his time in the movies that came next, and unfortunately, it’s true that against Thanos’ people he was less than effective. One has to admit though, that he did fight valiantly for as long as he was able since the sneak attack he was subjected to damaged him quite a bit and left him incapable of doing anything effective against his and Wanda’s attackers. The fact that it happened near the end of the fight in Infinity War was kind of a bummer since it meant that for some reason, Vision didn’t have a great deal of situational awareness no matter that he already had experience in needing to keep his head on a swivel while in the middle of a battle. 

The idea of one’s kids not liking the character their parent is playing, or of favoring another character, isn’t all that bad really, but the idea that one’s kids would tell their parent that their character is one of the worst in the group feels like it would sting a bit. At the end of the day it’s a job though, right? Paul has been talking about the idea of bringing the other version of his character back, and so far it’s not really known what’s going to happen with the white Vision since his departure during WandaVision was kind of awkward and left a lot of people wondering what was going to happen. But the hope is that he will be back in one movie or show in the months to come, since his arc doesn’t feel like it’s ended completely, especially not if there’s a chance to reconnect Wanda and Vision once again. 

It does kind of sting a little when one’s kids don’t have that much faith in what their parent does, but at the same time, one has to remember that kids are finding their own way and discovering what they like as well. To think that Paul’s kids believe that his character isn’t that great might mean that they don’t understand the Vision that well, or they simply favor other characters. Hey, it happens, a kid doesn’t have to like what their parent does for a living, but it’s always nice to know that they have some regard for what pays their way. It’s not that big of a deal, but it does feel like a bit of a burn.  

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