One Minute Side-Scrolling Cartoon Recap Of All Of Breaking Bad

It’s hard to believe you can bottle up all of Breaking Bad into a one-minute side-scrolling cartoon recap, but here it is. The show had one heck of a run and in the end Walter finally just had to go. It was kind of a fitting end really considering all he’d done to mess his life up since getting into the meth business. The earlier episodes were pretty chaotic and for the most part made it seem like he wouldn’t get out of the first season alive let alone be able to survive hardened killers and ruthless drug kingpins until the very end. Poor Jesse looked so strung out at times that he might have just dropped from the stress had he not felt the need to survive as well.

In terms of saying that this was a defining role for Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul I would agree and disagree. For Cranston I would agree because it took him to the next tier, the next level where his talents were stretched to a limit he hadn’t shown as of yet. Did anyone happen to notice that his roles in Hollywood films started to pop up a lot more once he made his way onto Breaking Bad? He might have gotten there on his own eventually but suddenly he was in some of the most popular movies to be found. Some of them bombed horribly but his performance was still spot on. For Paul I’d agree simply because while he’d been around for a while he wasn’t all that well known and hadn’t done anything of note until this. He became Jesse to the fans and anyone that hadn’t known him up to that point.

Where I’d disagree is that Bryan Cranston had already become fairly well known for playing Hal on Malcolm In the Middle. There wasn’t much more than that at the time but it was still a role he was known for. It’s hard to disagree on Paul’s behalf since like I said he was out there, but he wasn’t that well known. Their roles in this show really pushed the boundaries of their popularity and then kept pushing them as people responded to the characters in a positive way. Walt was really trying to take care of his family since he was told that he was dying, so his motives were pure. But once he got into the business he found that just couldn’t stop. It was too easy, he was that good, and the money was just infectious in a way. Jesse was initially in it to get paid, but eventually went along for the ride and got banged up quite a bit along the way. In terms of who lost the most it was definitely Walt, but the more tortured between them was Jesse, no contest. A lot of people had to die and families had to be ruined to get to the end of this show, and by that time it seems like it was all worth it, because now it’s sorely missed.

But it ended just the way it should have.

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