The New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Looks Pretty Solid

The New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Looks Pretty Solid

The New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Looks Pretty Solid

Spider-Man Homecoming has been hyping itself with a number of posters and teasers for the last couple of days but now we have a chance to see Spidey in action with the newest trailer for the film.   From the get go we’ve got humor which is a trademark of any comic book movie that’s going to include Robert Downey Jr.   We see Spider-Man moving past a group of people on the platform for the train and we hear him say “What’s up guys?”

But then the trailer gets right into the meat of what the film is about.  Peter Parker wants to become an Avenger and in order to do so he’s got to prove to Tony Stark that he’s got the skills to do so.  Michael Keaton is introduced as The Vulture and things start to get serious when Peter wants to try and help rid the world of dangerous weapons.   From the looks of the trailer the entire movie almost seems to be about a protegé learning from the master.

Honestly I don’t know how much Robert Downey Jr. will be part of this film but the trailer almost seems to deflect attention away from Spider-Man and onto Tony Stark.  Maybe this is to relieve some pressure?  I’m not sure.   The movie feels like it’ll get plenty of laughs but I feel like I need to see a little more here to decide if I’m going to venture out into the theaters and give this a spin.

See the trailer for yourself below:

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