10 Things You Didn’t Know about Natalie Cabo

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Natalie Cabo

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Natalie Cabo

The show “Twentysomethings Austin,” is one with an interesting premise. The show features people who are not born and raised in Austin, Texas, but who show up there to live in a home that shares a connected backyard with other people their own age. Even though they are already in their 20s, they are all in some way learning to handle their own adult lives and more. They are people who might struggle a bit in some facet of life, but they are learning to be adults on television. Natalie Cabo is one of those women, and she is someone the world wants to know better.

1. She is Funny

She’s more than funny. She is actually quite hilarious, and we have a feeling she might be the class clown of the show. She makes it very clear she’s been doing her best and making friends easily her entire life, and it shows in her humor.

2. She is a Good Friend

Something else that Cabo makes clear is that she is a good friend. She comes across as someone who is loyal and happy for those who succeed in her life, and she seems to want to see everyone win at life. She is not someone who seems unhappy or petty, jealous, or angry when others are in the middle of something wonderful, and we get it.

3. She is a College Graduate

She’s a graduate with a business degree, though we don’t think she’s using it at the moment. She obtained her degree upon graduation from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill). She graduated in 2017.

4. She Was in Theater

For many years of her life, she was interested in acting. She spent a lot of time focusing on the theater, and she loved it. It was a wonderful time in her life, and it was a time that she looks back on fondly and with a lot of good memories. We have a feeling she was probably quite good at every role she took on while she was participating in theater.

5. She Has a Big Goal

Her goal has to do with being a founder. She wants to – eventually – have her own nonprofit of her own. She wants to help others, and that is lovely. She wants to open a nonprofit theater company. She wants to create something big and exciting that brings awareness to things she feels are important at the moment.

6. She is from Miami

She is from the South Florida area. She left to go to college, but the Miami area and her family were calling when she graduated. She went back home and spent the past few years with her family living in the area, but she’s in Texas now. She’s trying something new.

7. She’s Never Had a Boyfriend

With her dreams her goals, her college education, and her life in general, she just sounds as if she doesn’t really have a lot of free time to meet someone and begin a relationship, but she is making time for that now. She is only in her mid-20s, so she does have time.

8. She’s Exploring her Sexuality

While we are not entirely certain what this means, we can speculate and probably be incorrect. She does mention she’s never had a boyfriend, so that probably means she’s looking to meet a man and become a little more involved in a romantic relationship that provides her with the opportunity to explore her own sexuality in that sense of the phrase.

9. She is Working in a Coffee Shop

She is a college educated woman who moved to Texas and had to get a job that would allow her to make some money and make ends meet. While we know that working at a coffee shop is not her dream job by any means, she’s doing it because she was given the opportunity to do something new and exciting in her life, and this allows her to do that. She’s working hard to see how she can do this and make her life worthwhile, and we think she might be having some fun.

10. She’s Kind of Private

While she’s an open woman who will talk about anything, she doesn’t really share much on social media. She is quiet on that front, so we don’t know too much about her as a result. She’s just not sharing too much, though she does share a few things that are related to the show in a promotional manner.business degree

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