Movie Review: Dreamcatcher

Movie Review: Dreamcatcher
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Horror movies come and go, and a lot of them tend to be filed away, but there are some that might be remembered by some folks since they deliver something that might be considered to be entertaining. Dreamcatcher is one of those movies that a lot of people might feel is worth the attention it’s been given, but there is plenty to be said about it that might not be as complimentary as people might like. For one, the movie is a little predictable once a person figures out how the formula is being used and what is bound to happen, and to whom. One thing that can kill any movie is realizing what the formula is, how it works, and the many different ways it can be tweaked. In this particular movie, there are a lot of signs as to who is going to be killed next when things are going too well and will need to be broken up just because it advances the story a little more. But in this case, the story feels as though it was extended without need. 

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The roles weren’t quite as stereotypical, at least.

Everyone has a role to play in a horror movie, as it’s been for a long time now. There are the strong characters, the weak characters, and those who lie somewhere in between, set into their own niches where they exist as a vital part of the story. The only character that really fits his role, however, is Jake, who is madly in love with Pierce, one of the main female characters, but is either too shy or too hesitant to admit it. Whatever the case, he’s the most stereotypical character in the movie and kind of cringe-worthy to watch since one can’t tell if they’re supposed to feel sorry for him or if it’s okay to disregard him as yet another character that deserves a pat on the head if he does something right, or someone to just toss aside as a sacrifice that’s bound to be taken out at any given time. Considering that this movie doesn’t exactly build up to one kill or another and just rolls along like a beat without a set end, it’s fair to think that Jake is just there to take up space, even if he’s meant to be noticed.  

The killer was kind of a confusing presence. 

The outfit used by the killer could have been cool if the story had made a little more sense. It’s likely that there are plenty of people out there who would state that the movie was straight to the point and quite simple, but if that’s the case, then another element could have been used that made things a little confusing. For whatever reason, it was tough to follow this movie, but stating that it was because it was less than what was expected might meet with a few arguments from fans that thought it worked just fine. Horror is kind of an awkward genre to argue about since good taste is always up for grabs, and trying to argue over what works and what doesn’t usually come down to personal opinion, which can swing either way when it comes to which elements work the best and which movies use said elements in the best way. 

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credit: Dreamcatcher

The creepy, dark settings that are used do manage to set a tone that’s hard to deny. 

Setting things up to scare the living hell out of the fans is usually a good idea since dark areas, foreboding themes, and the idea that the characters are walking into danger unwittingly usually give itself over to a compelling story. But in this case, it feels as though Dreamcatcher might have leaned too heavily on the darker colors and themes that were meant to elevate the story. In this way, it becomes very easy to see how the movie might have faded out a bit after a while, especially since the story didn’t feel as if it was being pushed so much as dragged along by the dialogue. Plus, the way it ended might have struck a chord with some people, but it feels more like it at a certain point and then just stated, ‘meh, this is good enough’. 

The ending didn’t do the movie any favors. 

It can be seen how some folks would think that deeper meaning and feeling are being pushed by this ending, but the fact is that the bad guys win, which isn’t such a huge misstep, and the murders will no doubt continue. That’s not such a bad ending, but the two killers having sex in the shower at the end in a ‘meaningful’ way doesn’t exactly convey the point of the movie. It probably worked for some people, but not everyone. 


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