Five Incredible Acting Performances in Really Bad Movies

Five Incredible Acting Performances in Really Bad Movies

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn

Sometimes an actor can do a great job and still be a part of a horrible movie. It’s not uncommon really since actors can’t always be blamed for the way a movie turns out, especially if they’re doing their best and are actually a bright point of the movie. They do the best they can, and yet there are still times when a movie just doesn’t pan out for some reason, either because the director was phoning it in or the different elements just didn’t work together as they should have. In any case, the actors don’t often take the blame, but the question of ‘Why did they agree to this?’ usually does come up at some point. When this happens it’s easy enough to answer, they either believed in the movie, or they thought it was worth the paycheck. There are plenty of actors that have regretted starring in a movie throughout the years, and it’s usually for their own reasons since some folks either didn’t believe in what they were doing, or they simply didn’t care for the story but went ahead with it anyway since they were being paid. A paycheck is a big motivator honestly since it tends to ensure that a lot of actors will star in movies that they might have otherwise been smart to avoid.

Here are a few times when the actors were great but the movies were terrible.

5. Judi Dench – Cats

When talking about Dame Judi Dench it’s far more likely to hear people saying nice things about her no matter what she’s featured in, since she is a great actress and a legend in her own time. But Cats was vilified the moment the trailer came out, and rightfully so in the eyes of many. The wealth of acting talent that was used for this movie confused a great many people considering that it was such a flop. And before anyone rushes to the movie’s defense, it was a flop, enough so that many writers went ahead to detail just how the movie could be seen from a horror standpoint. Not surprisingly this idea received a better reception than the actual movie.

4. William Fichtner – Drive Angry

Nicolas Cage and driving just appear to go together since this is something he’s been doing for a while and it feels as though the idea is something he’s comfortable with. Even the part about his character being a violent spirit that’s escaped from hell to avenge his daughter is kind of cool, but the whole idea kind of falls apart after a while. On the other hand, William turns in a role that’s almost completely deadpan and makes it work in a way that’s amazing since he has a very accountant-like composure to him, someone that’s attempting to balance the books and yet can kill anyone that gets in his way with horrific ease.

3. Raul Julia – Street Fighter

So let’s just come out and say it, Street Fighter was a truly BAD movie. Not only were the characters kind of poorly done, but the story itself was just, yikes. For all that, however, Raul Julia still turned in a great performance since the guy threw himself into just about anything he did and made it great no matter how bad it really was. Seeing him as M. Bison was kind of tough, but stating that he was one of the high points of the movie is easy since he played it off so well. The arrogance, the maniacal look, and the overall feeling that no one could possibly touch him made this role great, even if he could have used a big upgrade in the fighting department.

2. Thomas Haden Church – Spider-Man 3

Thomas didn’t get enough credit for this role, there, I said it. Sandman is easily one of Spider-Man’s deadliest enemies since the composition of his body is such that he can become completely solid and is impervious to pretty much any kind of damage that Spider-Man can dish out, other than a hose. Even then he’s proven to be extremely resilient. Thomas certainly beat out Topher Grace when it came to playing his part, and he even managed to outdo Franco and Maguire since like it or not, the third movie was a stinker. This is kind of surprising though considering the number of villains and the chance to really ramp up the action.

1. Margot Robbie – Suicide Squad

Her looks weren’t the only thing on display since Robbie really turned in a great role in this less than overwhelming movie. Some people liked it, a lot of people went on to say that it could have been better, and I agree. Something about comic book movies just begs for the director to take a harder edge and really grind away at the sensibilities of the audience, so long as the producers will allow it.

Once again, you can’t really blame good actors for bad movies. be seen from a horror standpoint

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