10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie Lady Bird

Lady Bird is one of the many coming of age stories that people enjoy because it either reminds them in a way of their own youth and what they went through or serves as vindication that life was kind of hard growing up, at least for some folks. The main character is almost chronically disappointed in her life and shows it without apology as she continually fights with her mother and wishes she could change things around. Her dream is to go to an out of state college, somewhere prestigious, but unfortunately the cost and her grades aren’t about to allow her to do such a thing as she’s reached a point in her life where the act of being positive is just about impossible. When things begin to turn around however and she realizes that people in her life are there to stand with her, not against her, she starts to understand how life works just a little more.

Here are a few things you might not have known about the movie.

10. The acne you see on Saoirse Ronan’s face was kept on purpose.

Prior to the movie Saoirse had done some stage work and the makeup she wore and the hot lighting led to an eruption of acne. Those in charge decided to leave it however as it showed an image that was far more real than many smooth-skinned teenagers that are shown in so many movies.

9. Apparently the hardest word for Saoirse to pronounce with an American accent is ‘perfect’.

People need to remember that Saoirse is Irish and American but still has a very noticeable accent. Obviously working with a voice coach paid off, but there are still some words that are hard for her to get down and what might seem simple for those born in America is still difficult for those that don’t have the regional accent.

8. The first draft of this screenplay would have called for a 6-hour movie.

The movie was lauded and widely appreciated but six hours would have simply been too long since it would have likely started to drag in a way that makes a lot of people begin to lose interest and even start to turn a bit sour towards such films.

7. Greta Gerwig, the director, was the exact opposite of Lady Bird while growing up.

Apparently she was very straight-laced and wasn’t a bit rebellious, while Lady Bird is the type that wants to do everything and experience everything and is going to do so to her detriment just to say she did it.

6. Ronan found inspiration for her character from her own youth and from Saved By the Bell.

A lot of can probably remember what we were like growing up as it helped to make us who we are today. Saoirse obviously had a bit of a rebellious streak in her and was perhaps a bit of a troublemaker from time to time. That or she’s just that good of an actor.

5. Gerwig actually encouraged the actors to keep secrets about their characters from her.

This would make things interesting since a lot of directors seem to want to control every element of the movie as much as they possibly can and encourage their actors to tell them what they can about their characters. Such a method would obviously lead to a lot of improvisation as well.

4. Greta would consume Diet Coke and Cheetos on a daily basis.

The cast apparently took to calling this meal the “Gerwig” since it was something that Greta did every day without fail. Obviously she ate more than this, but for something to be seen as a person’s common habit she must have consumed a few bags during filming.

3. The working title for the film was Mothers and Daughters.

This seems like it would have been entirely descriptive of the movie but didn’t have enough pop to it. The title that was used managed to generate some interest in viewers since it kind of led them into the film thinking that they’d be seeing something interest, which they did.

2. This film was Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut.

There was an offer by someone else to direct the film but Greta turned it down since she wanted to take on the project herself. She wanted to really immerse herself in the story and take on the responsibility of bringing it to life.

1. It was never officially stated just which New York college Lady Bird wanted to go to, but it was kind of obvious from the location that it was NYU.

It doesn’t take a lot of searching to find out where she was going and really when you hear Lady Bird talk throughout the movie you come to realize that not just any school in New York would do. She’d be going for one of the most prestigious that she could get into.

It’s an interesting movie, you should give it a look if you haven’t already.

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