10 Fascinating Facts About the Coming-of-Age Film ‘Lady Bird’

10 Fascinating Facts About the Coming-of-Age Film ‘Lady Bird’

10 Fascinating Facts About the Coming-of-Age Film ‘Lady Bird’

The coming-of-age film ‘Lady Bird’ has resonated with audiences for its relatable portrayal of the struggles and triumphs of growing up. The protagonist, Lady Bird, is a teenager who is constantly disappointed with her life and dreams of attending a prestigious out-of-state college. As she navigates the complexities of adolescence, she learns valuable lessons about the people in her life and how the world works. In this article, we’ll explore ten fascinating facts about this beloved movie that you might not have known.

1. Saoirse Ronan’s Acne Was Intentionally Left Uncovered

Before filming ‘Lady Bird,’ Saoirse Ronan had been performing on stage, where the makeup and hot lighting caused her to break out with acne. The filmmakers decided to leave her acne visible in the movie, as it provided a more realistic and relatable portrayal of a teenager than the flawless skin often seen in films.

2. The American Accent Challenge: Pronouncing ‘Perfect’

Although Saoirse Ronan is Irish-American, she has a noticeable Irish accent. To prepare for her role in ‘Lady Bird,’ she worked with a voice coach to perfect an American accent. However, she still found it challenging to pronounce certain words, such as ‘perfect,’ which might seem simple for native speakers but can be difficult for those without a regional accent.

3. The Original Screenplay Would Have Resulted in a 6-Hour Movie

The first draft of the ‘Lady Bird’ screenplay was so extensive that, if filmed as written, it would have resulted in a six-hour movie. While the final film was widely praised, a six-hour runtime would likely have been too long and caused audiences to lose interest.

4. Director Greta Gerwig Was the Opposite of Lady Bird Growing Up

Greta Gerwig, the director of ‘Lady Bird,’ has revealed that she was very different from the film’s protagonist during her own adolescence. Gerwig was more straight-laced and less rebellious than Lady Bird, who is determined to experience everything life has to offer, even if it leads to her own detriment.

5. Saoirse Ronan Found Inspiration in Her Own Youth and ‘Saved By the Bell’

To prepare for her role as Lady Bird, Saoirse Ronan drew inspiration from her own experiences growing up, as well as the popular TV show ‘Saved By the Bell’. This combination of personal memories and pop culture references helped her create a compelling and authentic portrayal of a rebellious teenager.

6. Greta Gerwig Encouraged Actors to Keep Secrets About Their Characters

In a unique approach to directing, Greta Gerwig encouraged the actors in ‘Lady Bird’ to keep secrets about their characters from her. This allowed for more improvisation and spontaneity in their performances, as well as a sense of ownership over their roles.

7. Greta Gerwig’s Daily Diet Coke and Cheetos Ritual

During the filming of ‘Lady Bird,’ Greta Gerwig had a daily ritual of consuming Diet Coke and Cheetos. The cast and crew even nicknamed this snack combination the “Gerwig.” While she likely ate more than just this during the shoot, it became a memorable and quirky habit associated with the director.

8. The Film’s Working Title Was ‘Mothers and Daughters’

Before settling on the title ‘Lady Bird,’ the film was initially called ‘Mothers and Daughters.’ While this title accurately describes the movie’s central relationship, it lacked the intrigue and curiosity that the final title evokes.

9. ‘Lady Bird’ Marked Greta Gerwig’s Directorial Debut

Although another director had offered to helm the project, Greta Gerwig decided to make ‘Lady Bird’ her directorial debut. She wanted to fully immerse herself in the story and take on the responsibility of bringing it to life on screen.

10. Lady Bird’s Dream College: NYU

While it’s never explicitly stated in the film, it’s heavily implied that Lady Bird’s dream college is New York University (NYU). The prestigious school’s location and reputation make it a fitting choice for the ambitious and determined protagonist.

If you haven’t seen ‘Lady Bird’ yet, it’s definitely worth a watch. The film’s relatable story, engaging performances, and fascinating behind-the-scenes details make it a standout coming-of-age tale.

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