The 10 Most Shocking Episodes of Hoarders

The 10 Most Shocking Episodes of Hoarders


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For more than a decade, the A&E series Hoarders has given the world a glimpse into the lives of people suffering from compulsive hoarding disorder. Sure, some people may have thought being a hoarder simply meant living with a little more clutter than usual. However, the series has shown that isn’t the case at all.

Hoarders struggle to get rid of everything – often including trash and bodily waste. As a result, many of these people find themselves living in complete squalor. While all of the episodes of Hoarders are pretty shocking, some of them have definitely been more unbelievable than others. Keep reading to see our list of the 10 most shocking Hoarders episodes.

1. June – Season 2

June shocking hoarders episodes

When viewers were introduced to June during season two, she was living in a mobile home completely full of old toys and trinkets. The number of old dolls and other items she managed to cram into such a tiny space was unbelievable. While she may have thought of herself as a collector, it was clear there was something much deeper going on. June’s hoarding disorder not only put her at risk of losing her home, but it was also causing issues in her relationship with her daughter. That definitely makes for a shocking Hoarders episode.

2. Linda – Season 10

Like many of the other people on Hoarders, Linda wasn’t always surrounded by junk. In her younger years, she was a beauty queen but her hoarding left her isolated from her friends and family. In fact, she hadn’t let anyone into her home in years. But a medical emergency resulted in her having to let people in. Once her family saw her home, they were in awe in the worst way possible.

3. Hannah – Season 3

Hannah shocking hoarders episodes

As far as shocking Hoarders episodes go, this one is a dead ringer. On top of old items, many hoards often include animals. That was the case with Hannah from season three. Hannah accumulated hundreds of chickens — some of which were dead.

Her home got so full of things that she chickens was forced to move into a trailer on her property. When the hired help arrived to clean her home, she became angry and aggressive. Throughout the episode, it was also revealed that Hannah had very strained relationships with her children.

4. Fred and Mary – Season 5

Hoarding is something that has driven lots of couples apart. However, in Fred and Mary’s situation, it was actually something they had in common. They had both hoarded their home to the point that they were living with a serious roach infestation. Their home was also covered in spider webs.

However, despite the obvious issues with their home, they both seemed to be somewhat clueless about the severity of the situation. The hoard had gotten to the point that it had become a health risk. But that still didn’t make either one of them want to clean.

5. Constance – Season 5

Constance Hannah shocking hoarders episodes

Almost every hoarder has one thing that they really like to hoard. For Constance, that thing was eggs. Her home was full of old and unrefrigerated eggs as well as old garbage and food. The smell alone was enough to make people want to throw up.

In fact, her family was very concerned over how the hoard could impact her health. They even threatened to put her in a nursing home if she didn’t get serious about cleaning up her home. For Constance, even the thought of throwing the things away sent her into an emotional tailspin that made it difficult for the cleaning crew to do their job.

6. Barbara – Season 5 (Episode 6)

Barbara’s hoard was interesting because she accumulated many of her items by searching through dumpsters and alleys. Her home was so full of garbage and other old items that it had developed a serious maggot infestation. Most of those pets lived inside her refrigerator.

7. Sandra – Season 9


Sandra’s episode was sad for a number of reasons. Once a well-known and successful interior designer, Sandra’s hoarding disorder had completely taken over her life (and her home). Her mansion was completely full of random items. Sadly, she lost the property to forclosure but refused to leave. This presented an issue for the new owners who were trying to find a way to evict her in the nicest way possible. The home has since been completely renovated and now operates as a bed and breakfast.

8. Glen – Season 3

Glen was an avid rat collector whose collection had reached the point that it was a home invasion. Although he liked to think of his rats as children, Glen understood that things had gotten a little out of hand. Since his home had become completely overrun, Glen was forced to move out into a shed in his backyard. While it may be easy to look at Glen’s situation and judge him, his hoarding was sparked by the devastating and unexpected loss of his wife. Hoarding became a way for him to cope and he found comfort in his rats.

9. Shanna – Season 6

Hoarders 1

Known as the Poop Lady, Shanna’s episode of Hoarders was easily one of the most difficult to watch. Shanna’s hoard consisted of hundreds of jugs and other containers that were full of poop and urine. Although this may be hard to believe, Shanna had even started eating poop. Through it all, she didn’t seem to have any inkling that what was going on was completely unsanitary.

10. Terry – Season 6

Season six of Hoarders was a doozy, to say the least. Just when viewers thought it couldn’t get any worse than Shanna, they were introduced to Terry a few episodes later. Not only was Terry’s hoard full of the usual random items, but she also had dozens of dead cats stored away in her freezer.

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