Mini-Recap — FlashForward 1.01 "No More Good Days"

1x01 MarkBanfordExpect a full recap of FlashForward‘s first episode in the next few days. In the meantime, here’s a short synopsis of what happened.

A global blackout occurs suddenly, interrupting the lives of several people: Mark Benford, an FBI agent who, along with his partner Demetri, was chasing down suspected terrorists with the help of Stan Wedeck and Janice Hawk; Olivia Benford, Mark’s surgeon wife, was going into surgery; Bryce Varley, Olivia’s co-worker, who was contemplating suicide at the beach; Aaron Stark, Mark’s alcoholic best friend who lost his daughter in the war was climbing a power pole; and Nicole, the Benfords’ babysitter, was having an affair while Charlie Benford slept.

Then the flashforward occurrs, interrupting their lives. Mark sees a vision of himself organizing a “Mosaic Collective,” to investigate the flashforwards, while being hunted by mysterious masked, armed men. Olivia sees herself with another man. Bryce sees a future of himself which causes him to not want to commit suicide, while Aaron sees a vision of himself finding his daughter alive. Demetri, however, does not experience any vision, leading himself to believe that he was dead in the future.

While the characters are unsure of whether the future was a certainty, Mark becomes increasingly worried that it’s an inevitability, especially when his daughter gives him a friendship bracelet that he saw himself wearing in the visions. Olivia, meanwhile, finds herself treating the injured son of the man whom she saw herself with in the vision.

As the world recovers from the flashforward, Janice sees something strange in the security cameras from a baseball game — someone did not pass out from the flashforward, and instead walked around during the two-minute, seventeen second blackout. “Who is that?” she asks, “And how are they still awake?”

Check back soon for a full-length recap.

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