Mayim Bialik Has Never Seen The Big Bang Theory

Mayim Bialik Has Never Seen The Big Bang Theory

It sounds like it genuinely stuns people when they hear that actors don’t always like to watch their own performances, but those from TVWeb obviously get it when Mayim Bialik stated that she’s never seen a full episode of The Big Bang Theory. This isn’t uncommon really since a lot of actors do tend to avoid their own movies and TV shows for one reason or another. Some of them don’t enjoy their time on the project and were looking for a paycheck, while others simply don’t like to see themselves on the screen. This isn’t to say that they don’t watch other programs and movies, as even the celebrities tend to enjoy a good bit of entertainment now and then. But the best explanation for Mayim is that she was in the show, which makes more sense than one could possibly argue against since the truth is that since season three she became one of the biggest parts of the show considering that she was the love interest of Sheldon Cooper, which was a pairing that was hard to see at first but eventually came to be a reality. It was hard to believe that anyone could possibly put up with Sheldon long enough to develop romantic feelings for him, but somehow Amy was the perfect foil to Jim Parsons’ overly-neurotic and hard to get along with character that was somehow the star of the show and the most popular person in the entire series. Obviously he had to develop and make changes along the way as well since Amy wasn’t the only one giving ground when it came to their bonding time, but still, anyone finding the necessary patience to deal with Sheldon was almost considered to be superhuman in a way.

After a while though the chemistry did begin to make sense considering that Amy and Jim worked so well together and their characters, despite appearing to be kind of cold and aloof at times, were still very much meant to be together. It had been quite a while since a lot of people had noticed Mayim on screen, but placing her in TBBT was a stroke of genius since she played the part so well and was able to bring another part to the show that offered up a hint that it hadn’t been quite complete yet. It’s very amusing how that works really since there are instances in which a program just doesn’t feel complete until it’s given that final shove in one direction or finds the right balance in its cast. Then everything just appears to click, and things get to go on from there in a very comfortable way that’s easy to disrupt but up until that point feels as though it’s simply, for lack of a better word, right. Obviously the show had actors that came and went in guest roles and in recurring roles, but Amy was definitely meant to be part of the group and as a result she made things just a little better since her ability to deal with Sheldon and get along with everyone else more or less was a kind of wonderful happenstance that created a very sound and solid cast that were apparently all ready to keep going with the show, well, mostly. Mayim admitted that she would have kept going if given the chance, but as it’s already been discussed by many people, even if the show had continued onward it might not have been the same.

Some TV shows can last indefinitely while others have a definite timeline that needs to be followed and observed in a very serious manner. TBBT had it’s time and it used it well according to many fans since it became a favorite and never really fell out of favor considering that people were actually excited to watch it. Even now people can head on over to HBO Max and watch whatever season they’d like, as the great thing about the current era is that even when a show ends it’s bound to stick around for a while on several networks before it finally gets shuffled to the archives. In fact you could say that the archives have been seeing a lot more rotation now as older shows and new shows have made their rounds time and again. Maybe one of these days Mayim will actually sit down and watch herself on the show, but it’s kind of doubtful unless she’s feeling extremely nostalgic and has left show business behind at that point. Having lived each moment and gone through it for several seasons it does make a lot of sense that she wouldn’t want to go over it again, though some people might still fail to grasp that idea. It’s a little different when you’ve lived something, sometimes watching it again just isn’t the same.

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