Malina Weissman Has a Bright Future Ahead of Her

Malina Weissman Has a Bright Future Ahead of Her

Malina Weissman is still a young woman that has a lot of growing up to do, but she’s accomplished more than a lot of people twice her age and more have. She’s become a well-known actress that many people enjoy watching due to her talent and her ability to draw a crowd, and she’s also managed to lay the foundations for a career that could possibly run for a long time if she so desires it. There’s no telling at this point if she’ll decide to finish school or go off to college once she’s old enough or if she’ll keep moving forward with her career. Right now though she’s doing a great job of just being who she is and taking things as they come. As a child actor life can pretty stressful in a big hurry, but if those young actors have someone looking out for them it becomes more manageable and gives them a career that’s far more sustainable in the long run. The pressures of a career in film and TV is hard enough, but coupled with the pressures of growing up it can be overwhelming. Hopefully she has someone that helps her to sort it all out.

That being said, here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She hasn’t done much in her career as of yet.

In terms of quality she’s done a lot, but in terms of quantity her filmography is still pretty scarce. That’s to be expected however as she’s still young and has plenty of time to take on more roles should she choose to do so.

9. She started modeling at the age of 8.

Malina started out young, following in her mother’s footsteps. It does happen to have the advantage of getting people used to the spotlight and being able to stand in front of people and perform without getting the jitters constantly. So there is an upside to starting out young.

8. She’s appeared in commercials.

The kind of commercials she appeared in were geared for children of course and helped her along the way to a career that might have been selected by her parents. It obviously sparked enough of a competitive drive in her to want to keep acting.

7. Her mother’s agency hired her.

There’s a big advantage to following in a famous parent’s footsteps at times as it affords some people the chance to simply step into what might be seen as a legacy position that can grant them access to a world that many have to work diligently for in order to even get noticed. There’s no doubt that Malina has to work for what she gets but the ease of her transition into the business is something that many would envy.

6. Her career started up in 2013.

Despite having been in front of the cameras for over half a decade she’s still pretty new to the idea of acting and has a ways to go yet before she’s ready to be fully accepted as a serious actress that knows what she wants. At this point though she’s done enough that she can be said to have some talent and ability and even better, promise for the years ahead.

5. She had a part in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It wasn’t a huge part but she did get to play the role of young April O’Neil, showing that she had known of the turtles before they changed and had forgotten about them so long ago. Playing the younger role in a movie of a character that people know doesn’t always afford an actor that much recognition since they’re around for a short spell and then they’re gone. But it does manage to build up some continuity and deliver some needed background.

4. She had a part in Supergirl.

Malina got to play the part of young Kara Zor-El when the character had yet to really understand her abilities or how to control them. The cousin of Superman has been said to be a lot more efficient in the use of her powers but it usually comes down to the writers when discussing just who’s more powerful. After all Kara is supposed to be older than Clark, so her mastery of her powers should be a little more seasoned.

3. She was in a movie with Kevin Spacey.

This was a little bit before Spacey found himself in so much trouble, and it has to do with a father that’s never there for his family being turned into a cat so that he can attempt to show his family how much he loves them. It’s a story that never got a lot of play but it does look kind of cute.

2. She has a main role in A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Many fans have managed to flock to this show on Netflix as the idea and the cast have managed win over a lot of old and new audience members alike. It is a very interesting program to be honest.

1. She’s 15 years old as of now.

Just think about that. She’s not the only child actor out there, but the idea of so much success at this age is impressive.

Hopefully her career will continue to grow.

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