10 Things You Didn’t Know about Laura Lynne Jackson

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Laura Lynne Jackson

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Laura Lynne Jackson

Do you believe that it’s possible to communicate with people who have passed away? Laura Lynn Jackson does and she’s built an entire career out of helping people connect with loved ones who have gone to the ‘other side’. While some people think that there’s no such thing as psychic abilities, Laura has worked with countless people who have been incredibly happy with her ability to to bridge the gap between the living and the dead. Along the way, Laura has become famous for her skills and she’s always looking forward to new opportunities to share her talents with the world. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Laura Lynne Jackson.

1. She Lives In New York

Outside of her work, Laura is a pretty private person. Whenever she does interviews or other public appearances, she likes to keep the focus on her career. One thing we do know is that she lives in New York although it’s unclear whether or not that’s where she’s originally from.

2. Faith Is Important To Her

There are lots of people who believe that the psychic world and the world of religion can’t go exist. Despite what some may consider a contradiction, Laura appears to be a woman of faith. During an interview with Fox News, she said that she believes that God plays a role in sending signs from people on the other side.

3. She Has Made Several TV Appearances

Laura has gotten so popular for her work that she has been invited to appear on quite a few TV shows. Most notably, she has been featured in the new Netflix series Surviving Death. Prior to that, she visited several talk shows including  two appearances on The Dr. Oz Show. Maybe one day she’ll even get her own show.

4. She’s An Author

Readings and TV shows aren’t the only ways Laura likes to share her gifts with the world. She has also written and released four books over the years. Her most recent book, Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe, was released in 2019 and made it to the New York Times Best-Sellers List.

5. She’s A Wife And Mom

Laura has devoted a lot of time and energy to her craft, but that isn’t the only thing that has been getting her attention over the years. She is also very dedicated to her family. She and her husband have three children together. Laura likes to keep her family out of the spotlight.

6. She Has Spoken Out Against Racism

Racial tension in the United States has always been an issue, but things have been reaching a boiling point over the last several years. In 2020, things came to a head and lots of people began speaking out to show their support in the fight to end racism. Laura has consistently used her platform to denounce hatred of any kind and she is a strong supporter of the Black Lives matter movement.

7. She Loves Relaxing By The Water

Dealing with the living can be exhausting on its own, so you already know Laura is probably extra tired after spending her days communicating with both worlds. Needless to say she always looks forward to any chance she gets to rest and relax. Being near the water is one one of her favorite ways to recharge and enjoy some peace and quiet.

8. She Likes To Travel

Being a medium has given Laura a lot of opportunities. She has gotten to make all sorts of appearances and she’s even done readings for many celebrities. One of the coolest things though, has been the opportunity to travel. She has gotten to visit different areas of the United States and she even took a trip to Tokyo.

9. She’s Passionate About Helping Others Find Their Gifts

Have you ever felt like you have some psychic abilities lingering below the surface? According to Laura, you just might. Laura is a firm believer that everyone has intuitive gifts – it’s just a matter of knowing how to use them. She loves helping other people learn how to tap into their natural instincts and have an understanding of what signs they should be looking for when trying to communicate with a loved one.

10. She Loves Spreading Positivity

There are some people whose minds immediately go to the dark side when they hear about mediums and psychics, but that isn’t what Laura is about at all. In fact, her focus is the exact opposite. Laura has always used her platform to spread messages of positivity and light.

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