Kingdom of Souls Will Be Adapted Into a Series

Kingdom of Souls Will Be Adapted Into a Series

I wish that I could say that Kingdom of Souls seems like a completely original story, and in a few ways it does, but there are elements of danger and sacrifice that are pretty easy to identify that can be seen throughout this series. What’s great about it however is that, as Joey Paur from GeekTyrant points out it is a story that has a lot of supernatural aspects to it and even the use of Orisha and voodoo that can make it stand out as its own story despite the many similarities. Michael B. Jordan is going to be producing this, but it’d be great if he decided to show up in it as well. So far there’s really no way to tell yes or no if he will or won’t but it might be best to think that he won’t, but he’ll be putting his support behind it in a big way. The story itself sounds great so far as it focuses on Arrah, a young woman that has to make a great deal of hard decisions that will shape the course of her life.

The supernatural and fantastical story is one of many that’s been brought for development recently and it already sounds as though it’s going to be an interesting series. Andrew Paul of CBR made a comment that Jordan was headed straight from a stint in Wakanda to a new fantasy where demons and magic are more prevalent and he’s quite right, which is awesome to say the least since it seems to indicate that Jordan has taken a great interest in the fantastical and is more than ready to bank on it. The story of Arrah is one that’s similar to a lot that we’ve heard throughout the years since she’s a young woman that’s seeking to gain the use of magic but can’t seem to make it work no matter how much she tries. When children begin to go missing in her village however she proves that she’s willing to sacrifice as she gives up something that many practitioners of magic usually only think to give over a course of time and with gradual sacrifice, years of her life. That’s the kind of sacrifice that you might hear of in a Dungeons and Dragons session or in various other supernatural stories since the price of magic is pretty steep as you might imagine and the kind of power that is needed to help against creatures such as demons is even steeper since the ancient powers that they represent tend to be rather difficult to take on without some sort of help.

But so far the story sounds like something that might be more than a little enticing since the idea of magic, demons, action, adventure, and of course the much-needed act of self-sacrifice is something that you can imagine is going to factor into making this story something great. As a young adult novel it might not be given the same amount of gravitas as other stories might since YA novels are typically edgy but not so hardcore that they’re bound to become something along the lines of a Stephen King story considering that the audience is looking for something with amazing content but not so much in the way of horror or disturbing imagery. Well, that’s the theory anyway, but hopefully this series will be able to convey the actual serious nature of how magic is in fact a very demanding practice and doesn’t discriminate when it comes to who uses it. After all in most stories magic is a natural force that gives and takes from just about anyone that’s willing to give and take in return. In recent years magic has become a big part of cinema once again as its waxed and waned throughout the years, gaining interest and then fading back as is normal.

Hopefully this series will have something to offer to those that want to see something new and interesting since already it sounds as though it might be taking on similar themes but in a different way, which is great. Showing the price of magic is an interesting effect in a show since some have done it beautifully while others have made it seem as though magic is just another tool to be utilized even if it’s to be respected. In a way a show such as this could show strength of character as well as the understanding that with everything that’s done in life there are consequences and one has to understand them before they take the leap to obtain something they want so badly. That’s the kind of story a lot of people could get behind, and it’s one that, from an author’s standpoint, is among the greatest stories ever told. Here’s hoping for the best.

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