10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kathy Jacobs

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kathy Jacobs

Leave it to Sports Illustrated to get the world talking about their newest swimsuit model after we thought we’d seen it all. We’ve seen the world’s most beautiful models, the most beautiful celebrities, people who we did not know prior to this, people who became super famous after they did this spread, and so much more. But, now, they’re taking their game to a completely new level with their newest model. She’s beyond gorgeous. Her name is Kathy Jacobs, and it’s time you get to know more about this knockout.

1. She’s a California Girl

She’s a Southern California girl through and through. She’s from Calabasas. She spends her time taking care of herself, living a healthy lifestyle, and only worrying about things that are worth her time. She’s not one who really bothers with things she cannot change, so that makes her even cooler in our book.

2. She’s 56

Oh, right. We should mention this since we did say that she breaks the mold. She’s 56. Yes, that’s right. She’s in her bikini looking better than most people more than half her age, and she’s darn proud of herself. She’s also only 5’3, and we know that most supermodels have to be around 5’10 to get work. She’s clearly showing us she can be petite and gorgeous at any age.

3. She’s Wise

Sometimes, you don’t think about things as you should. You think too much, you over think things, and you over-analyze them. We are all guilty of this, and we imagine that Kathy Jacobs has done the same more than once in her life. But, she’s got some very simple, straightforward advice that really does resonate when you take the time to realize how easy it is. She recognizes that there are two things in life you cannot change – your height and your age. So, why do we all worry about those things when they’re clearly not worth the time?

4. She’s a Fan of SI

We’d hope so, since she did just pose for them in her bikini. But, the real issue here is that she’s a real fan. She loves that they, “Keep reinventing themselves and they keep reinventing what is your view of beauty,” and we could not agree more with her assessment.

5. She is Married

She is a married woman. Her husband is Rob Jacobs. We don’t know when they got married, but we know that they have a daughter, Abigail, who is 23. She’s working on going to med school, and we know that her parents must be very proud of her for that.

6. She’s Pretty Smart

Did you know that she’s the woman behind the cake and cookie kits we see everywhere? She’s been on the Food Network to show off her work, and she’s been killing it in the baking game. May we please mention that we have even more respect for her amazing figure knowing that she’s a woman who works with food all the time?

7. She Worked at Dry Bar

Up until about a year ago, she was working minimum wage at a local Dry Bar. She’d created a skincare line for women over 40, but she could not get the funds to back the business she wanted to begin. She had to take a job elsewhere, so she did this. She was done with it. She was ready to make her dreams come true. She was going to work hard and she was going to make it happen, and she did.

8. She’s An Advocate for Ageless Beauty

She is a woman who really does say what is important. She knows that at a certain age, women are basically ‘expired’ and she’s done with that. She’s 56, and she’s got another 40+ years on this planet, and she’s not going to quit life right now. Not when she’s got so much more to offer.

9. She Believes in Believing

One of the biggest lessons she learned when she decided she would get this job as a model in her 50s – her first ever modeling job – was that you have to believe in yourself. More importantly, you have to believe in yourself even when no one else is going to believe in you. We love that she is her own biggest fan.

10. She’s Giving Her Husband a Special Gift

A few years ago when she was trying to realize her dream, her own husband was sending her job adds for receptionist positions in their California community. She was not having any of that, so her gift to him is an autographed copy of her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Spread. We think that it’s a perfect gift, and we bet he is more than proud of his wife.

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