10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jordan Rodrigues

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jordan Rodrigues

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jordan Rodrigues

He may be young, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a lifetime of good work behind him. Jordan Rodrigues is not someone who has to introduce himself when he walks into a room. The world knows who he is and what he has to bring to the table. The young actor has been giving it his all since he was only a child, and he’s continued to thrive in his career. While so many young childhood actors grow up and find their lives in turmoil, this is one child actor who is finding that he can do what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants when it pertains to the roles he’s taking. Here’s everything you need to know.

1. He’s Young

Jordan is a young man, still. He was born on July 20, 1992. He still got to grow up in a pretty normal household with a pretty normal childhood in those days. The internet wasn’t a thing yet, cell phones were still not common, and the world wasn’t attached at the hip to cell phones, so he got to have a pretty good childhood in which to make his memories.

2. He’s Australian

What many people fail to recognize is that Jordan is from Australia. He was born and raised in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. His mom and dad are both from Malaysia, but they raised their son in Australia, and he had a great time growing up down under.

3. He Had a Different Dream

As a child, he had many different passions. He loved many things, including performing, but it was an attempt to become a basketball player that was at the forefront of his mind. He wanted to make big things happen on the court, but that did not work out for him. He tried, but he did not succeed. That’s when he realized acting was the next logical decision.

4. He Was in a Play First

His very first role in the acting world came when he was about 11. He was cast as young Simba in a hit Disney show called, “The Lion King”. It was part of the Capitol Theatre’s Australian tour. He began in October of that year without any formal acting or training to his name when he decided he wanted to audition. He landed the role on sheer talent.

5. He is a Trained Dancer

When he decided he’d go into the world of performing, he figured he needed to also spend some time learning to perform. He spent nearly a decade of his life taking dance lessons to various degrees. He’s trained as a dancer in the art of hip hop, ballet, and jazz. He’s also taken drama courses and singing lessons. He safely covered all of his bases.

6. He Was Nominated for an Emmy

When he was cast in the Hulu series “Light as a Feather,” back in 2018, he didn’t know that the role of Trey would take him where it took him. His work earned him a Daytime Emmy Nomination back in 2020 for Outstanding Principal Performance in a Daytime Program. He did not win, but the nomination was more than enough to make him feel accomplished.

7. He Has Been in Huge Shows

In addition to his Hulu show, he’s also had guest roles in some of television’s most prominent work. He’s been in shows like “Hawaii Five-0,” and “The Fosters”. While he had only a guest appearance in “Hawaii Five-0,” he was a recurring character in “The Fosters,” for a total of 38 episodes over the course of four years.

8. He Was Simba for Years

Remember when we mentioned that he was the young Simba in a play? He landed the role without ever having any experience as an actor. It speaks so highly of his skill as an actor that a child without any experience was given a lead role in a major play. Additionally, he played the part for 2.5 years, and he played the part three times every single week for that duration.

9. He Loves When Fans Greet Him

When he was younger, he would have his fans come up to him and assume he was ‘that guy’ from ‘that show,’ and always mistake him for being the actual character rather than an actor playing the character. He’d take his time to introduce himself and thank his fans for enjoying his work. It’s always fun to be recognized.

10. He’s Private

He doesn’t speak much about his personal life, but that is not a bad thing. When you are as famous as he, you have to find a way to separate work from life and find that balance. While perfect balance is never easy, it’s a situation that he’s found himself handling well more often than not.The Lion King

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