The Joker Gives a Makeup Tutorial in New Robot Chicken Comedy Sketch

Robot Chicken certainly as a way of showing people something unique and messed up. This time they’re showing the Joker as he gives a makeup tutorial in one of the most crazy fashions. If you really want a makeup tutorial I would suggest going to a member of KISS before going to the Joker, as people might actually take you a little bit more serious. But if you’re headed to a convention then you might want to go and spice it up a bit with the red lips, green hair, and eye shadow that will make people wonder a little bit.

if you’ve noticed throughout the history of Batman, the Joker’s look has changed quite a bit from time to time since he started out with the red lips, white face, green hair, and absolutely crazy look. As time went on however it was explained in one way that his spill into a vat of chemicals made him appear this way, while in another representation he applied the makeup himself. However it’s done the Joker is just a nightmare walking since each and every time you see him that maniacal smile is plastered on his face as though he just can’t get rid of it. For the original Batman movie with Jack Nicholson the smile was something that never left his face once even when he was angry. It was an effect of nerve damage to the character that wouldn’t allow the facial muscles to relax, which meant that he took on the appearance of a man always smiling like a loon.

When the next set of Batman movies came along and The Dark Knight came out, Heath Ledger didn’t smile as often but the grisly paint he slathered across his face was still flat out eerie since it painted such a grisly tableau of mirth and suffering upon his face that you didn’t want to look but you couldn’t look away either, like a car wreck with legs. His version of the Joker was perhaps the most terrifying of all in recent history. Jared Leto on the other hand was more of a thug version of the Joker, with tattoos, a muscular body, and a definite mean streak that was one of the character’s most notable traits. He wasn’t the worst really but he kind of gave a feeling that the Joker in Suicide Squad was anything but the Joker that people remembered. He might have been updated but he was a bit too overrated.

Another reason why it might not be a good idea to take makeup advice from the Joker is that this is a guy that has cut his own face off and then applied it back to his skull afterward. When going for the right look so as to look terrifying and absolutely appalling to anyone that comes along this would be great. But in terms of the pain, anguish, and overall insanity this would take to pull off, nobody could possibly do it as well as the Joker.

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