Dive into the Mystery: 10 Intriguing Facts About ‘Hunting Atlantis’

Dive into the Mystery: 10 Intriguing Facts About ‘Hunting Atlantis’

Dive into the Mystery: 10 Intriguing Facts About ‘Hunting Atlantis’

The enigmatic lost city of Atlantis has captivated the imagination of countless people for centuries. While some dismiss it as a mere figment of Plato’s imagination, others firmly believe in its existence. The new Discovery Channel series Hunting Atlantis, hosted by Stel Pavlou and Jess Phoenix, aims to unravel this ancient mystery and take viewers on an enthralling journey. Here are 10 fascinating facts about Hunting Atlantis that you probably didn’t know.

1. Atlantis Has Inspired Numerous TV Shows

Atlantis is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing mysteries in history, and people have been obsessed with it for ages. Over the years, numerous TV shows, both scripted and docuseries, have documented the quest to uncover the lost city.

2. Morgan Freeman’s Production Company Is Behind the Show

Morgan Freeman is not only a renowned actor but also a force behind the camera. His production company, Revelations Entertainment, is producing Hunting Atlantis, marking one of its first forays into docuseries. Freeman is credited as an executive producer on the show.

3. Stel Pavlou Has Developed a Groundbreaking Theory on Atlantis

Stel Pavlou’s fascination with Atlantis predates the show. According to the official press release for the show, he is the author of a groundbreaking new theory on the date of Atlantis’ destruction, placing it near the beginning of the fifth millennium BCE.

4. The Show Takes Viewers on a Global Adventure

As the exact location of Atlantis remains unknown, Stel and Jess embark on a worldwide search for clues. Throughout the season, they travel to various locations, including Bulgaria and Croatia, hoping to get closer to solving the enigma of Atlantis with each new destination.

5. Uncovering Atlantis May Remain a Dream

While Stel and Jess are determined to locate the lost city, the chances of actually finding it are slim. If the show had made any groundbreaking discoveries, we would have likely heard about it by now. So, viewers should temper their expectations for any earth-shattering revelations.

6. The Show Lacks Official Social Media Profiles

Unfortunately, Hunting Atlantis does not have any official social media profiles for fans to follow. However, enthusiasts can use the hashtag #HuntingAtlantis to join online discussions and share their thoughts about the show.

7. Early Reception Has Been Positive

Despite being in its infancy, Hunting Atlantis has already garnered positive feedback from viewers. People seem to enjoy learning more about Atlantis, and Stel and Jess make a compelling team. The show’s popularity is likely to grow as the season progresses.

8. Stel and Jess Delve Deep into Geology and Archaeology

One of the fascinating aspects of history is the multitude of elements involved in exploring the past. Hunting Atlantis taps into these areas, with geologist Jess Phoenix bringing her expertise to the expedition. Her unique perspective and analysis of the evidence add depth to the show.

9. The Show Consists of Six Episodes

For those who prefer longer seasons, Hunting Atlantis may disappoint with its six-episode run. However, Stel and Jess are sure to pack a wealth of information into each episode, making it perfect for a weekend binge-watch.

10. A Second Season Is Yet to Be Confirmed

As of now, Hunting Atlantis has not been renewed for a second season. While there’s a good chance it will be, the show’s long-term prospects remain uncertain. People may eventually tire of watching a show centered around a mystery that may never be solved. However, the enduring popularity of shows like Curse of Oak Island, which has been on air since 2014 without finding significant treasure, suggests that the allure of the unknown can be a powerful draw.

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