Here’s the New and Awesome Ready Player One Full-Length Trailer

Here’s the New and Awesome Ready Player One Full-Length Trailer

Here’s the New and Awesome Ready Player One Full-Length Trailer

The new and extremely awesome Ready Player One trailer gives so much more than has been given in recent trailers that now I can believe that a lot of people will be getting pumped to see if if they weren’t before. This is like the mecca of 80’s culture that’s being represented along with everything that’s come after in a huge mashup of such epic proportions that it could very well cause an overload in some people that aren’t ready for it. Look at the number of pop culture icons that are shown throughout the trailer and then try to dispute just how awesome this movie could possibly be.

In 2045 the world is so heavily overpopulated that there is literally nowhere to go where there won’t be people. The only escape for anyone is the virtual world known as the Oasis, and now that it’s creator has passed on a program that is serving as what must be a living will has announced that there is an Easter egg hidden somewhere within the Oasis. Whoever finds it will inherit half a trillion dollars and the total control of the Oasis. That’s one special Easter egg, and it would be bound to elicit some kind of desperation in those that don’t want to see their livelihood inherited by someone that has been up to that point a user and nothing else.

So of course corporate interests are going to lean towards greedily watching the leader boards to see who’s doing the best. They just won’t remain idle, waiting to shake the winner’s hand though. They’ll be actively searching for the person that’s doing the best in an attempt to shut them down for good and maintain control while their own people search for the Easter egg. And if they can’t get Wade in the Oasis then they’ll find him in the real world, which might be a little difficult but not impossible. Big government and corporations usually have so many resources at their disposal that they can find whomever they want without much difficulty.

The only issue for them no doubt is that Wade is a bit special, or so the trailer seems to note. There’s always that one individual among the many that can somehow do things that no one else can, a savior that doesn’t know what role he’ll play just yet in the scheme of things. That person is usually reluctant at first and then finally warms up to the idea after seeing just what it is that the resistance is fighting for and against. When it directly affects them the person will finally join the side that is trying to make things right, and they will find a way to finish the battle and humble the corporation so badly that they won’t ever dare think of coming after them again.

At least that’s the way things have gone in prior films. The good guy wins in one way or another and the bad guy is either shamed into retreat or is defeated altogether. Some variation of that seems like it will happen.

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