Has John Wick Suffered Enough? Apparently Not

Has John Wick Suffered Enough? Apparently Not

One might think that John Wick has been put through the kind of pain that might break others and force them to give up just to make it end. From losing his wife, watching his dog be killed, and then being pummeled relentlessly as he seeks out his own brand of justice, Wick has been through a type of hell that doesn’t appear as though it will end any time soon, especially since a fourth movie will apparently put him through hell once again. That’s not exactly a surprise since from the first movie things have definitely escalated as John has been on a tear doing what he can to get his own brand of justice, only to attract the notice of the High Table after killing one of their members in the Continental, which was forbidden. From that point, everything went downhill since John’s need to survive was stronger than his ties to the brotherhood that he’d belonged to. Once the price on his head was made official, the pain started since his first encounter saw him get stabbed, then thrown into one bookshelf after another. 

The pain factor in the John Wick movies is simply amazing since there are several injuries that would easily incapacitate many people. From being struck by cars to the drop from the Continental’s roof, many are of the mind that John should be dead a few times over by now. But whatever it is about the character, he’s been able to keep pushing forward for some reason, even if it’s pure anger and a need for vengeance that’s driving him at this point. What’s going to be interesting is whether or not this next movie is going to be the last, or if there’s going to be a reason to keep going by the end. There are plenty of people that think that John Wick is all about the five stages of grief, but as it’s been said by those that are making the movie, they don’t think past the movie they’re working on at that time. 

A lot of people do feel that there might be a fifth movie, but others are thinking that the fourth might be the end, be it the end of Wick or the end of the High Table. It goes without saying that a lot of people want to Wick be triumphant at the end, but speaking of more loss and more pain definitely appears to mean that the assassin is going to be made to go through more than physical pain since the loss of those that he’s been allied with over the years. Taking this story to an emotional level is dangerous because it detracts in a way from the overall action that people enjoy, but it’s also important since it goes to John’s motivations and the reason why he’s refusing to simply lie down and die. The fact that the High Table is no doubt willing to pit him against those he has a history with and to sacrifice as many people as possible to rid themselves of Wick is kind of obvious. But how far they’re willing to go and how far John is willing to go to burn the High Table down might be equal in stature. 

In more than a few stories it’s been seen that one individual might be strong enough in their beliefs and their stance that they can refuse to bend, but they might need help along the way. John isn’t any different, he’s had to stand tall and remain steadfast in his course, but since the first movie he’s had to rely on others at times to keep moving forward, and he’s done the best he can to honor their sacrifices since being connected to a guild of assassins and being on their bad side means that the danger is never going to cease. The pain that he’s already endured feels like it’s going to be just a precursor when compared to what’s coming. Being shot from the top of a building is pretty bad, and losing one’s friends is even worse, but now one has to wonder what’s in store for Wick and how much pain he’s going to have to go through versus how much he’s going to inflict. 

It’s a little frustrating to remember that the next movie has been delayed until next year, but it does feel that it will be worth it when the movie is finally released. Trying to think of what’s coming and attempting to predict what John will do to Winston, if anything, is intriguing since many people believe that Winston did not shoot Wick in the face out of more than respect. It does feel that there is a plan in place, but until the movie is released, it’s fair to say that no one really knows what could be coming. 

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