General Hospital Characters We Hated to See Killed Off

General Hospital Characters We Hated to See Killed Off

General Hospital Characters We Hated to See Killed Off

General Hospital fans know that death is inevitable, but it seems to come too soon for so many. There are some people we’d love to see more of. There are some we love to see act, and there are some who could have stuck around and made things work out that will change the game. But, that’s not how it happened. The writers made choices to kill some people throughout they years, and we get that. We get that they have to get rid of people here and there. We get that they cannot keep everyone in Port Charles alive forever. We get it. We understand it. But, we can say that we don’t have to like it. We might not be appreciative of all the people who don’t get to stick around, but we are especially sad about the deaths of some people. Who do you think those deaths are that affect us so much?


Her life was short and it was sweet. She was kind, she was good, and she was a breath of fresh air in a town filled with people who didn’t make the best choices or do the best things. She was a woman who was so young when she died, but she was so happy. She had so much to offer, and she was someone who could have made big things happen in her life. We do think she had the potential to change lives and make things happen. We thought she might be the young woman who would change the world as we know it, but that did not happen. She didn’t change the world as we know it. She changed her life as a whole, but she didn’t make anyone’s life better by being gone. She only made things sadder, worse, and more difficult to deal with. This was a thing that really did go on for so long, and she could have been something fabulous and spectacular had she lived.


Let us point out that there is not a chance that we think things would have changed for her if she’d lived, and let us also point out we aren’t sure she’s not alive and well somewhere at this point. She’s not someone who has much to offer in terms of other things, but she’s a woman who likes things her way in a bad way. She might not be really gone for good, but getting rid of her when they did was not something we thought was good for the show. We thought keeping her around was going to be what changed the world, what made her better, and what brought her to the place she is now. We can see that things don’t always work out, but we also know that many people have a hope that she will come back and admit that all of the horrible things happening in Port Charles are all her. They are her games, her ways, her situations; and that would probably make it all seem worthwhile in our opinions.


Not that we thought he was the most spectacular character of all time by any means, but he was a man we thought had the potential to spend some of this time doing great things. We thought he might have a better future ahead of him. He went through so much, and he had so many issues. But, at the bottom of the pile was a man who really did think that he could change his life. He really did think that he might have a chance to do the right thing and make the right choices and be the kind of person he needed to be. But, that didn’t go his way in the middle of his life. He was shot and killed by Sonny in the year 2012, and Sonny very much felt that he had little choice in the matter. He didn’t think he could handle things, or what was happening to him in his life. His death affected so many, but his life affected so many more. Had he found he help he needed so much sooner, things could have been so different.

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