Five Times Monica Took Her Cleaning Obsession Too Far On “Friends”

Five Times Monica Took Her Cleaning Obsession Too Far On “Friends”

Five Times Monica Took Her Cleaning Obsession Too Far On “Friends”

Amongst the characters from Friends, Monica Geller ( Courteney Cox) was notorious for her perfectionism. Every so often, Monica would want to ensure everything was in the right spot; the dishes had to be stored in a certain way, her furniture had to be arranged in a fashion only she approved, even the bed had to be positioned such that the sun would hit its head. She was a handful. More than being organized, Monica was cleanliness redefined. Nothing was clean until it was Monica-approved. While her need to have everything done her way made her the perfect host, sometimes she took things a little too far. Here are a few times she went overboard:

1. The Time Ross Dated A Hoarder

While Ross’s love for Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) was completely emphasized and at the center of attention, the former had other love interests, amongst them a mucky hoarder. On the outside, Cheryl (Rebecca Romijn) seemed like a catch. She was very sophisticated and way above Ross’s league. For someone who thought that Ross’s apartment had a funny smell, she lived in a hellhole marred with months, if not years of filth. Cheryl’s couch was full of clothes, some of them dirty. Ross could barely find a place to sit. He couldn’t even move a step before crushing an empty can. His description of Cheryl’s apartment was, “ You know how you throw your jacket on a chair at the end of the day? Like that, only instead of a chair, it’s a pile of garbage. And instead of a jacket, it’s a pile of garbage.” Either way, Ross (David Schwimmer) was determined to keep seeing Cheryl, but when he couldn’t see her anymore, Monica showed up to clean her apartment. Cheryl did not take the gesture kindly.

2. The Time We Learned Of Her Categories Of Towels

At the very least, a normal human being has different towels for different reasons. No human, however, has a whooping eleven categories of towels. Five categories are already a stretch. We’ve got to leave it to Monica Geller to show us her ways. During a trivia game mediated by Ross, we learned that Monica had her towels grouped in different categories. “ Monica categorizes her towels. How many categories are there?” Ross asked. Joey ( Matt LeBlanc) and Chandler, who were pressed for time quickly revealed the categories as ‘everyday use’, ‘fancy’, ‘guest’, and ‘fancy-guest’. With only two seconds left, Joey guessed the number eleven. “Eleven! Unbelievable! Eleven is correct.” Ross announced. Monica’s organization game was always top-notch. When she wasn’t reserving the fancy kitchenware for the Queen, she was placing the ottoman at a designated area after Rachel cleaned the house. When Chandler moved in and tried cleaning, it was difficult for him to place things exactly as they were, and when Monica walked into the room, with one sweep she was able to determine something was wrong. Monica ate her tic-tacs in twos, there was no way on earth she would have failed to recognize a change in her living room.

3. The Time She Cleaned Dishes In A Wedding Dress

Living with Rachel was bittersweet. Monica and Rachel were completely different people when it came to how they operated. Monica was an organized clean freak who had a filing system for everything under the sun, including her dream wedding. Rachel, on the other hand, leaned towards the messy side of things. She was careless with everything, and one too many times she had lost Monica’s belongings. That the pair would be roommates was a disaster waiting to happen, but they managed to make it work. When it was time for Rachel to leave, she was vocal about not missing Monica’s insane cleaning routines. “ I’m Monica, I wash the toilet seventy times a day. Even when people are on it,” Rachel mimicked. Monica wasn’t gonna miss how Rachel handled the dishes. “ Does she use the cups? Yes, I believe she does. Does she use the plates? Yes, I believe she does,” Monica complained as she washed the dishes. When she spotted a wedding dress hanging unattended, she dressed in it to ease her mood.

4. The Time She Vacuumed Her Vacuum Cleaner

Cheating suspicions were not uncommon in Monica and Chandler’s ( Matthew Perry) marriage. Often, the rumors started with another friend. Sometimes Joey was suspecting Monica of being in her apartment with another man, other times, Rachel and Phoebe ( Lisa Kudrow) were spotting Chandler with another woman. The pair had followed Chandler all the way to a home they didn’t know was Monica and Chandler’s supposed new residence. Chandler had stayed with the woman for forty-five minutes. When Phoebe and Rachel told Ross and Joey about the incident, Joey was in doubt about Chandler’s forty-five-minute time frame. Together, they made their way towards Monica’s apartment. As they walked in, they found Monica using a small vacuum to clean a much larger vacuum. “ Oh, look at her. So happy!” Rachel said. She was right. Monica was like a kid in a candy store, vacuuming her vacuum. “ If only there were a smaller one to clean this one,” She said while pointing towards the smaller vacuum. News about Chandler’s cheating did not faze her at all, since she knew the lady Chandler had been seen with, Nancy, was a realtor.

5. The Time She Cleaned Cars On The Street

It turns out that Monica’s obsession with cleaning was not only limited to her apartment. When she wasn’t eyeing Cheryl’s apartment which really bothered her, she was attending to packed cars that were equally a bother. Joey asked to borrow soap from Monica and the latter was ecstatic. Happily, she gave a list of everything she had in stock. “ Yeah, I got soap and sponges and rags and carnival wax and polishing compound,” Monica recited. Chandler was surprised that Monica had everything needed for cleaning a car but didn’t own any. “ You don’t even have a car,” he remarked. Monica defended herself by saying that she once saw a really dirty car parked in front of the building and she washed it. Chandler knew her too well. When he inquired further, Monica admitted that it wasn’t a single car. There were seven of them. Monica’s obsession with cleaning supplies led her into making her own solutions that had secret ingredients. Ingredients she wouldn’t reveal to people she had just met. She was extreme that way, but it’s what made her the happiest.

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