Five Things You Didn’t Know About The White Lotus’ Theo James

Five Things You Didn’t Know About The White Lotus’ Theo James
Five Things You Didn’t Know About The White Lotus’ Theo James

Credit: @theojamesofficial

He knows a thing or two about being successful. Theo James starred in the Divergent series, and now he’s part of the hit show The White Lotus. Everyone is talking about this show, his role in it, and the way it’s going. He’s a man who has been in the business for many years, yet his fans realize how little they truly know about the actor, which is why we want to rectify that. You know the basics, but we have a few things you didn’t know about Theo James, star of the White Lotus.

1. Theo James Only Uses a Portion of His Birth Name

What most people don’t realize about this handsome actor is that his birthname is too much to use as a star. He was born on December 16, 1984, meaning he just celebrated his 38th birthday as 2022 came to a close. Born and raised in England, he’s from a place called High Wycombe, where he lived with both of his working parents. He’s also the baby of the family. His family is comprised of two older brothers as well as two older sisters. When his parents welcomed Theo James into the world on that mid-December day in 1984, they chose to share with him a name that is meaningful to his family. His father’s father is Greek, and his family is also English and Scottish, which is why they chose to name him Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis. See why it won’t work for his career?

2. He Wants to Believe the Best in His White Lotus Character

Anyone who watches the show knows that many things are left unsaid, and it’s all about imagination. Did this character do this or that? There’s no real way of knowing what happens in any situation since the show is so careful about leaving it up to you to decide how you want it to go down. When Theo James and his on-screen wife Meghann Fahy left the last season of shooting, their character’s marriage was in trouble. They were on vacation with another couple, and their characters seemed hellbent on revenge. Rather than working through their marital issues, they chose to seek revenge. But did anything happen between each character and another couple?

According to Theo James, not really. He’d like to think that his character would not sleep with another woman and that his costar’s character would not sleep with another man. He wants to believe that they shared an intimate moment of a peck on the forehead, a bit of ‘canoodling’, and nothing more. He’s a romantic that way.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About The White Lotus’ Theo James

Credit: @theojamesofficial

3. Theo James is No James Bond

Most actors dream of portraying a famous character. It’s the James Bonds and the Supermans of the world that they want to grow up to become. Theo James, however, has no desire to take on the role of James Bond, despite its iconic nature and the fact that it would put him in a long line of seriously famous and talented actors who did the same. What’s his hesitation? It has nothing to do with the actors or even himself. He believes that James Bond needs to be reimagined in a way, and he doesn’t feel that he’s the right guy for that job.

4. Theo James on His Thoughts on An Average Male Part

Not a part like in a film. The part of the body that makes a male inherently male…you know what we mean. If you watched White Lotus, you know. When Theo James’ character is changing into his swimsuit and being watched, we get a rather shocking glimpse of his male anatomy, and we aren’t the only ones shocked by it. When the director approached him about using a prosthetic to keep his own male bits and pieces private from the world, James was okay with it. It was spoken that the prosthetic would be average in size because he’s an average guy.

When he showed up to film, they handed him what he calls a ‘ginormous’ prosthetic that he says is around nine inches long and four inches wide. Now he’s not sure what average is – but we imagine that he’s feeling a little less than average if he called his prosthetic ginormous. We kid, obviously.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About The White Lotus’ Theo James

Credit: @theojamesofficial

5. Privacy is His Preferred Marital Secret

Theo James and his wife, Ruth Kearney, wed in 2018. But that’s about all we know. She is also an actress, and they prefer to keep their life as private as possible. We appreciate that. When the pair welcomed their first – and only –  child in 2021, it was a beautiful moment for the couple. This couple has always been good at keeping things to themselves. They’ve known one another since they studied acting after college, and they’ve been low-key through and through. Keeping his marriage private is the secret to their success.

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