Five Things You Didn’t Know about Sam Asghari

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Sam Asghari

Well, with so much going on in the celebrity world, one person who has been sort of in the background for a while is Britney Spears. At one point, she was on the front page of every tabloid in the nation. But things are about to change it seems, and this time it appears to be for a good reason. We all remember Britney’s breakdown and her custody issues and battles with Kevin Federline, her ex-husband. This time the buzz around Britney has to do with her new boyfriend, Sam Asghari, an Iranian born fitness model of Persian descent. While it seems that almost everyone has heard his name, no one really knows much about him, but here are five facts that should provide some insight into Mr. Asghari.

1. He Is Younger than Britney

Britney Spears is well preserved physically, despite all that she has been through, and due to this, her and Sam look like a perfect match; however, Britney is now in her mid-30s while Sam is only 23. You would never be able to detect the age difference when viewing photos of the two together, but she is 11 years his senior. At least for now, the age difference does not seem to be an issue, and the two seem to get along extremely well. Will they be one of those couples that defy logic and prove that age is nothing but a number? We will have to wait and see.

2. He Met Britney While Working on Slumber Party Video

Because of Britney’s status as a pop icon, the media keeps very close tabs on her activity. Because of the close media watch, we know that she met Sam Asghari while shooting her Slumber Party video. It seems that Asghari and Spears were able to generate chemistry beyond the camera, and according to sources, the two have been inseparable ever since. While everyone is enamored by the looks of Asghari, it appears that he has much more going for him.

3. He Has a Sister Who is Fashion

It appears that the Asghari family is not suffering in the area of talent and passion. As it turns out, Sam is not the only one of in his family that is focused on taking Hollywood by storm. His sister, Fay, is a fashion model that is making her way up the celebrity as she masters the catwalk at fashion events in the Los Angeles area. In fact, Sam and Britney have attended a fashion show that featured fay.

4. He Was a Little Chunky During His High School Years

Although you cannot tell it now, it is reported that Sam was a bit on the chunky side during his high school years. In fact, Sam has shared his high school photos placed in juxtaposition to his current pictures and the difference is absolutely astonishing. Sam reveals that the transformation is due to a complete shift in mindsets that led to him giving up poor lifestyle habits that contributed to his chunky appearance.

5. He Has a History of Being Shy

Until recent years, people would likely describe Sam Asghari as being extremely shy and introverted. The fitness model and actor admits to being very shy as a kid all the way through his years in high school. When he began his fitness training, it did something for his confidence – leading to him being more outgoing and more assertive. He has also committed to improving his social skills, especially when it comes to engaging women, and it has obviously paid off emphatically.

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