Five Things You Didn’t Know about Rich the Kid

On the outside Rich the Kid seems to be a very successful individual. He’s a rapper, a songwriter, a record executive, and as such this means he’s a very successful and powerful person. But looking further into his personal history, which normally is kind of invasive but is a matter of public record in some cases, he’s kind of a mess. Whether there are extenuating circumstances or not it seems that having your own company and being a big success doesn’t always make for the best home life.

It’s easy to cast blame but it’s usually best to know what’s going on first and reserve judgment.

5. He started up in 2010.

He’s been on the scene for less than a decade but he’s managed to pull together some real talent and create music that people enjoy and become something of a star that fans have gathered around. There are still a lot of people that might not know who he is but those are generally the folks that belong to a generation that can recall when Ice Cube and Ice T and Naughty by Nature were just coming on the scene.

4. He speaks, or used to speak, Haitian Creole fluently.

This is a French-based language that is hard to understand if you don’t speak it at all and yet is somehow kind of compelling when you listen to it. It is another language and something a person would need to learn unlike say, patois, but it’s still an intriguing tongue that gets a lot of people wondering just how difficult it might be if at all.

3. He started his own record label in 2016.

This is a big measure of success for any person and especially for those that haven’t even reached their third decade of life yet. Having reached this pinnacle is something you would think is impressive enough that it would be the kind of accomplishment that someone would be immensely proud of and would continue to build on. And for all intents and purposes he is, which is even greater.

2. His wife has filed for divorce after accusing him of cheating on her.

There’s a lot that can be said about a man that cheats on his wife without knowing the full details, but little of it is all that good. Rich the Kid’s wife did file for divorce when she discovered evidence of his infidelity and the matter couldn’t be fixed with counseling of any sort. She’s also filing for full custody of their children, meaning that Kid would have visitation rights. That’s pretty harsh but it’s also a price to pay for deciding to go against one’s marriage vows.

1. He’s been accused of abuse towards one of the women he was caught cheating with. 

There’s no way to tell if this is real or not as any evidence that it might have happened has been erased and Kid is firmly denying it. This might seem like another branch of the epic witch hunt that’s been going on for some time but in truth it’s more likely to be part of the drama that Kid has unfortunately brought upon himself.

He’s definitely successful in business but in life he might have a couple more lessons to learn.

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