Five Things You Didn’t Know about Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle has been bringing a new flavor to the rap game for several years now. A Los Angeles, Calfornia native who grew up in Crenshaw, this rapper has released several mixtapes which have seen considerable commercial success. One of his most famous is Bullets Ain’t Got No Name — which is actually a three-volume series that comprises some of his best work. This rapper has released a few other tapes as well. For example, The Marathon and The Marathon Continues have achieved considerable commercial success. One of his most famous is Crenshaw, which is full of songs about life growing up on this side of Los Angeles.

Nipsey Hussle has had his struggles with the law — but most recently, his truck was towed for “expired tags” and being parked in a handicap spot. However, according to Hussle the truck was parked on the private parking lot of his own store, and it wasn’t in a handicapped spot. He also hadn’t been driving the vehicle, explaining why the tags were expired. If you enjoy rap music, you would probably like songs by Nipsey Hussle. If you do decide to check out his music, you may want to learn some facts about this talented songwriter. If that is the case, check out these Five Things You Didn’t Know about Nipsey Hussle.

Jay-Z Bought 100 Copies of One of His Tapes

The eighth official mixtape that Nipsey Hussle released was Crenshaw. This was available for free online, but he also monetized it for those who wished to support his music. Jay-Z ended up buying 100 copies of the tape — giving Hussle a $10,000 boost for his music. Crenshaw came out in October 2013.

He Was an Artist for Haiti

The Artists for Haiti were a supergroup that formed in the wake of the Haiti earthquake in 2010 in order to raise money and awareness for the people of Haiti. They recorded a song called “We Are the World 25 For Haiti” that was a remake of the 1985 Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie song “We Are the World”. Nipsey Hussle performed in the rap section alongside Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes.

He Starred in a Movie

Nipsey Hussle’s talents extend to the screen, as well. In the 2010 movie Caged Animal, he took on the role of Ricky — the son of a crime kingpin named Cain. He had come to jail on charges of accessory to murder. Plus, the guy he tried to kill was put into prison at the same time. This leads Cain to try to help the two get over their differences and see that they have more in common than they might suspect. Caged Animal is a good film and a great example of how Hussle can do whatever he puts his mind to.

He Used to Be in a Gang

This rapper spent a considerable amount of time in a gang. He joined the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, a black street gang that is based in Los Angeles. According to Nipsey himself, he left home at the young age of 14 and joined as a way to support himself. He also needed the money in order to start up his studio — but he got out of the gang life after he hit it big as a rapper.

He Co-Owns a Brand Consulting Agency

Hussle is a partial owner of Marathon Agency, a consulting agency that seeks to advance the position of all sorts of clients in the entertainment industry. He works alongside Steve ‘Steve-O’ Carless and Karen Civil, and has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the agency. Marathon is nice because they focus on the clients they truly believe in rather than being virtual slaves to market conditions like many other entertainment consulting firms.

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