Five Things You Didn’t Know about Nia Riley

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Nia Riley

There are so many names to know in Hollywood these days that keeping up with all of them is a task that requires a literal army of people to watch, write, and report. Nia Riley is a celebrity partially based on her own fame and that of others. She’s still rising to the top if we want to make everything clear but she’s doing so in a manner that some approve of and some don’t. She doesn’t really bother with her detractors other than to put them in their place when she feels the need and to ignore them when she doesn’t. Nia doesn’t seem to really enjoy drama but she’s not above bringing it whenever she has to.

That type of attitude seems necessary in the world today.

5. She started her career as a model.

She did start out her career as a professional model and has been doing such for a while now. She definitely has a figure that a lot of men like even if she isn’t the traditional pin-up girl that some might want. Nia is very clear about who she is and who she isn’t. Having been fat shamed by the keyboard cowboys in the past she’s already fired back several times and still does her thing.

4. She has over 950,000 followers on Instagram.

Social media is the most popular thing right now when it comes to getting known and having people all over the world follow whatever is that you’re doing. To be quite honest I’m not sure why anyone would think that another person’s every waking moment would that interesting but, to each their own since obviously it makes people happy in some small way.

3. She was dating Soulja Boy.

Nia was dating Souja Boy but as all things do the relationship eventually ended. The big issue was that he was too fond of playing around and didn’t take the relationship as seriously as Nia wanted. Soulja Boy continued to come around now and again but was thrown off the show Love and Hip Hop when he threatened to kill Nia and her new boyfriend over social media.

2. She’s very opinionated.

Nia doesn’t take anything from anyone when she doesn’t feel the need and that’s very refreshing. Women in this day and age do need to stand up for themselves and Nia’s not shy about doing this. As I mentioned she’s been fat shamed before concerning her appearance in modeling shoots and she had no trouble firing back to give the detractor a piece of her mind in the process.

1. She’s been a supporting character on Love and Hip Hop.

Thus far she hasn’t been a driving star of the show but she has been around long enough to be called a supporting actress. The last time she came on the show was as a guest, but at the very least people remembered her as being there before. At this time she’s not exactly classified as a star but there could be something on the horizon that would allow her to claim star status.

Nia’s definitely going places, and it’s up to her followers to pay attention.


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