Five Shows You Should Have Watched While They Were Still On

Five Shows You Should Have Watched While They Were Still On


TV is a very strange business. You can have a super star on an amazing show, and the show can still get cancelled. Cancellation is never dependent on whether or not a show is good. It is dependent on whether or not a show is being watched by the masses. The truth is, sometimes there are just shows that we don’t watch because we have no idea they are good, and then by the time we do discover they are good, it is already too late. The shows on this list will be an example of that. Here are five shows you should have watched while they were on (and they would probably still be on).

My So-Called Life

Most “teenagers in high school” shows stink, but not this one. My So-Called Life was a gem. The casting was perfect (Jared Leto as the school cool guy? Come on, that set the tone for the rest of his career) and even though everyone who watched it, loved it, the reality was not enough people actually watched it. Still upset about this one.

Get A Life

Please note the unintentional “life” theme of all the titles in the list so far. This out-there comedy starred the brilliant Chris Elliot as a fully grown man who still lived at home with his parents and was a paper boy. Yes, it was irreverent, but it was also achingly funny at all times. Look up the alien episode to see what I am talking about. Definitely my fave cult comedy show of all time. But frankly, it deserved more than just cult status.

Freaks and Geeks

Just like My So-Called Life, Freaks and Geeks was one of the best “kids in school” shows ever made. Heck, it even had most of the it stars from Hollywood right now, in it as kids. James Franco and Seth Rogen to name a few. Also, written by Judd Apatow, all the world now knows they screwed up letting this show get cancelled.

Veronica Mars

Wait, another example of a well written show about teens that sometimes took place during high school? Could that be the running theme here? Well, not so much. The fact is, networks (and sometimes the kids themselves) want teenage shows that pander to them (like 90210) and when we are represented as nuanced, layered, deep characters, I think that scares people. Also, Kristen Bell is like staring into the sun. That woman is pure magic. Veronica Mars got the last laugh, as they recently released their Kickstarter funded feature film.

Cop Rock

Seriously, this show was a cop musical. Maybe the worst thing ever. Thing is, it was SO awful, it was awesome. You all should have watched Cop Rock, because my mind cannot even fathom how stupidly entertaining this show could have gotten had it been given a few more seasons.

Yup, I brought up Cop Rock again.

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