Five Awesome Movie Scenes Where The Hero Shows up in the Nick of Time

There are quite a few last-second saves in the movies and a lot of them are pretty cool since they end up having some of the best lines or some of the best action that people can remember. That moment when all appears to be lost, and the villain is going to win, but the hero finally steps in and does something, is absolutely great. Some of the moments in the movies are a little tenser than others and it’s even possible that at times the hero will be incapacitated and will have to take the loss or watch as the bad guy wins. But a lot of times the hero is able to make it and mete out a bit of justice to the villains in the movies since this is the formula that people tend to like and expect to see on the screen. It’s usually done in a very different way from one movie to another, but the end result is about the same, the hero is victorious, the villains are beaten, and everyone goes on their merry way after that. A lot of exposition is usually left to theorized by the fans, but there are movies that manage to get into this part of the scene as well.

Here are a few movies where the hero arrives in the nick of time.

5. Home Alone

Usually I don’t like showing movies outside of their holiday, but this one just sprang to mind for some reason. It’s kind of hard to see the old man as a hero to start with since Kevin spends much of the movie being afraid of him and then makes peace with him before his final showdown with Harry and Marv. One would have thought this would be where the old man would exit the movie, but luckily for Kevin, he was somehow in the area and noticed the commotion. What’s really amazing though is that after going through all that trouble and being horribly wounded so many times, a shovel to the face was all it took to finish off the Wet Bandits.

4. The Goonies

There have been too many people stating how the Goonies was a sad movie when it came to talking about Sloth, and yes, it definitely is considering how he was treated. But when he and Chunk came back to rescue the others it was pretty cool to hear the iconic “Hey you guuuuys!” and realize that the cavalry had arrived. Chunk had no problem taking care of his brothers in short order, and he even went the extra mile and tossed his mother overboard. As far as anything else went, it was definitely an idealized kid’s movie, but Sloth was a definite must-have for a character since he was kind of like the Goonies’ equalizer.

3. Deadpool 2

Let’s say this, Josh Brolin played an awesome version of Cable since he was gruff, kind of crusty, and definitely a badass. But against Deadpool and Domino at the same time, he’s kind of hard-pressed to watch his six at all times. The manner in which Deadpool manages to catch up to and then slam into the back of the transport is pretty unique, especially since it looks as though Domino’s luck had possibly run out. But the way that Deadpool then slid across the floor to save her was just as great until one realizes that Cable never even flinched since he knew that he was protected.

2. Avengers: Infinity War

One has to wonder if Iron Man could have taken this hit or if Spider-Man really did save him. It’s not a big deal really since the heroes would save each other if they were in need, but thinking of Peter’s power level to hold back someone like Cull Obsidian when he’s coming in full force is amazing. Even more than that, Peter acted as though it wasn’t that big of a thing to hold this monster back, since he didn’t appear to be straining himself. Cull was able to toss Peter around, but the much nimbler Spider-Man managed to get the upper hand before taking off after Ebony Maw and an unconscious Doctor Strange.

1. Aliens

This has to be one of the best last-second saves that was EVER conceived since Ripley is nothing but sheer awesome in this movie and then she goes and does this. It was already established that she was able to handle the loader, but against an opponent that had the mobility and capability of fighting back? She does a pretty good job of keeping the queen xenomorph at bay, but one has to wonder if the technology had been a little better back then, since as of now, the xenomorphs have been seen to be absolutely deadly and precise with their tails, meaning Ripley could have been impaled pretty quick.

It’s still one of the best last-second saves of all time, hands down.

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