First Ever AI-Assisted Casting Program Chooses Henry Cavill as James Bond

First Ever AI-Assisted Casting Program Chooses Henry Cavill as James Bond

It kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? Cavill has played an agent in past movies and he can nail the look and the attitude fairly well, but he won’t be taking over for Craig that soon since the next Bond movie still needs to be released and he’s also working on the next season of The Witcher, so it might be a bit before, if, we get to see this. To think that he outranked Idris Elba, who a lot of people have been pulling for when it comes to the next 007, is kind of amusing really, but when the scope was broadened a bit Cavill was topped by none other than Karl Urban. To be fair it’s hard to see Urban as the slick and well-mannered spy since he’s been a part of an espionage movie in the past as he took part in one of the Jason Bourne movies, The Bourne Supremacy, and was still kind of a rough and less than cultured character who would be too much of a rogue to really play by anyone’s rules. Idris Elba is a big favorite of course, as he’s been a smooth and very cultured character that has been hard to deny in a few movies, but he’s also the type that can get down and dirty when he needs to. As far as Urban goes though, he’s actually expressed a desire to star in another Judge Dredd project, so it’s fair to say that he’s not really pushing for a role in a Bond movie.

The ladies were given a chance with the AI as well as Gina Carano came it at the top, while Katie Sackhoff and Angelina Jolie trailed behind. To think of a female agent taking on the role that Bond would be leaving behind might be kind of interesting to be certain, but as with the men, one can at least hold out some hope that the 007 designation would be left behind and that Bond would turn into someone else that would carry the legacy of MI6 in a manner that’s just as impressive and would eventually build up to create a new legend. That’s not likely to happen unfortunately since people are so inherently stuck on Bond that they don’t mind seeing him change, or might not fight too much to see him become her through some link or another that would be made to make sense. But seriously, the idea of James Bond has gone this far, and at this point, it’s hard to imagine why it can’t just be left to retire along with the latest actor instead of dredging up a way to keep it going and bring Bond back yet again to save the world in a few different ways that will at one point begin to look the same as they always have. Let’s face it, Bond has been in a lot of tight spots with some very odd enemies and a lot of gadgets at his disposal to save the day. But is anyone still buying that he’s as unique as they want to think?

Isn’t it time to give Bond a break and allow another generation to step up and take the mantle? It might sound crude, but with all the encounters that Bond has had over the years, is it really possible that he’s never fathered even one kid that might carry on in his footsteps, or met one agent that he’s inspired to such a degree that they would gladly take on his spot in MI6 and show great enough promise to finally eclipse him? In a way the movies have made Bond into another Superman, he simply can’t be replaced in the eyes of the fans because his legend has outgrown the reality of the character, and as a result, he’s become way too important to too many people and the idea of the character has outstripped the character. Bringing Henry Cavill into the movies would be great, but transitioning from Bond to someone else that would carry on the legacy would be even better. I know, I know, what heretical thinking and out of this world reasoning and all that noise, but think about this just a moment and you might realize it, Bond has had his heyday for decades now, and far be it from me to say that he’s used up, but the idea is something that has become a little too predictable at this point. When you can sit through a Bond movie and predict what’s going to happen without ever having seen the movie, it’s time to do something truly different and shake things up. Have they done that? Some would say yes, but I’d still say no, they haven’t.

Shaking it up implies that the movies are going to move away from the standard formula, and to date, they still haven’t done that.

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