Fifty Shades of Pain: When Anastasia Steele Meets Pulp Fiction

Fifty Shades of Pain:  When Anastasia Steele Meets Pulp Fiction

People who create mashups must have been in some kind of mood this weekend because I feel like every other post that’s going up on this site today is of something that was mashed up.  However, I couldn’t pass up “Fifty Shades of Pain.”   This is one of the most simple mashups you’ll ever see in your entire life and yet it works so unbelievably well that its disturbing.  Both disturbing because of how well it works but disturbing because now I cannot for the life of me get this image out of my head.

I never thought that the movies Fifty Shades of Grey and Pulp Fiction would ever be used in the same sentence let alone video but “Fifty Shades of Pain” brings the Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey relationship to levels we’ve ever seen.   Here’s a full description for this new trailer:

Literature student Anastasia Steele’s life changes for the worst when she crosses paths with ex-cult leader Christian Grey. She quickly realizes just how dangerous this man really is, but it’s already too late. Fifty Shades just got darker, much darker.

Check out the mashup below:


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