Scarlet Witch’s Chaos Magic: The Key to Introducing Mutants in the MCU?

Scarlet Witch’s Chaos Magic: The Key to Introducing Mutants in the MCU?

Scarlet Witch

Wanda’s Chaos Magic and the Multiverse

It’s no secret that many fans have mutants on their minds these days. The Doctor Strange sequel didn’t help, but it did at least give folks a little of what they’ve been wanting to see when bringing out Professor X, even if it didn’t do as much good. But given how Wanda’s magic works, it feels fair to state that she might as well be the catalyst for one incursion or another as the multiverse might very well start coughing up different crossovers that will begin to change the landscape. Since a part of Wanda’s power deals with probability along with the chaos energy that she’s been known for since entering the MCU, it’s easy to wonder what the use of this magic would be doing to the fabric of reality each time she uses it. The same thing could be said for any magic user with this line of reasoning, especially since Doctor Strange created a spell that ripped the multiverse open, but it’s been easy to think that Wanda’s power is a little more destructive and unpredictable, especially when looking at how it’s been used.

Chaos Magic and the Ripple Effect

Plenty of people might scoff at that and think that it might not matter, but the fact is that everything we do leaves small ripples, or big ones, within the world that we can’t always see. In that light, the BIG ripples that Wanda has left behind her could start to collide with the fabric of reality in a way that might start enacting repercussions that she didn’t intend but were bound to happen all the same. It’s a theory that takes a leap of imagination and might stretch the limits a bit when it comes to cause and effect, but in the MCU that leap isn’t quite as big since a lot of what goes on isn’t feasible in the world we know anyway, and imagination is a great bridge from one point to another so long as it can use an explanation that people will enjoy, even if they don’t buy it completely. This is fiction, it’s not supposed to make sense every time, since if it did you can imagine that some folks might be trying to make it work.

Wanda’s Power and the Potential for Mutants

But Wanda’s power is as near to pure chaos as it can get and one principle among many when dealing with chaos is that it’s bound to make less sense the more a person attempts to sort it out. There are a lot of different analogies to use, such as breaking the barrier, ripping the fabric of space/time, and many others. But the point is that Wanda’s magic is a wild thing that is usually only under her absolute control when she’s enraged or, as it’s been shown, she gives herself over to another persona that doesn’t worry about what’s right or wrong. This is one reason why it’s so easy to believe that Wanda might be the reason why the X-Men and many other mutants might finally be headed to the MCU, since her chaos magic has no doubt been thudding off one multiverse barrier after another as she’s been busy trying to snag America Chavez, and it’s fair to say that others have been noticing the effect.

Other Factors and Wanda’s Role in the MCU

Heck, it could even be that America Chavez’s dimension jumping might be a part of it since there’s nothing to say that her power doesn’t have a drawback. In this case, it wouldn’t be Wanda’s fault directly, her efforts to capture Chavez would definitely be easy to blame. Looking at it from the point of view of the comics, when Wanda eliminated the mutant gene in all but a few individuals, it’s not tough to think that keeping her OP would be a good idea since it would invite the thought that she’s one of the few that have to really watch what she says and does in relation to her powers, since she has an effect that could create a large number of problems for those in the MCU, in any universe. Also, the fact that it was said that she could rule or destroy all of reality might have sounded grandiose, but when she can take on all of Kamar Taj and not flinch, it’s kind of ridiculous to say that her power isn’t enough to allow this to happen.

Embracing Wanda’s Importance in the MCU

Giving Wanda a bigger part in the MCU has been great since she’s a fun character to see develop and more than that, it doesn’t feel that she’s the worst villain around, but she is one of the most dangerous since her misguided quest to return to her sons was a rollercoaster ride of horror. Plus, watching her manhandle the Illuminati was oddly satisfying, though it was still a testament to how far gone she was at that time. Without a doubt, Wanda should be kept around for a while to come.

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