Family Guy Season 16: What We Can Expect

Family Guy Season 16: What We Can Expect

Family Guy Season 16: What We Can Expect

Family Guy is comedy animation show that is geared toward adults. This television program has been on since 1999 and it still entertains audiences today. Season 16 of Family Guy is set to air in 2017. The 16th season will be a turning point in the history of the program because of the change of some of the main characters that has been a part of the show for many.

The Griffin family consist of Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris and the crazy infant Stewie who is well beyond his years in knowledge and maturity. The family also has a dog named Brian who can speak like and act like a regular person. Brian is an unusual but funny dog that has the ability to write stories and screen plays. Stewie and Brian are hilarious characters that truly make the program.

So what’s in store for season 16?

No more Mayor West

In season 16, the Family Guy is going to do things differently. It was already mentioned that the show is going to undergo major changes. The Griffin family will remain intact but the recurring character Mayor Adam West will no longer be featured on the show. Legendary Batman actor Adam West had passed away back in June. He was 88 years old and died from leukemia. His demise has impacted the show because he has been with the cast since its second season.

Mayor Adam West played a mayor who was considered insane to say the least. He did things such as legalizing marijuana and then criminalizing it again a few days later. He was also supposed to have been a brainwashed Russian spy and he is also supposed to be a fully sane individual. However, Mayor Adam West might have had a murderous evil side to his character.

With his passing, the show will continue in the same direction it always has and it there does not seem to be a plan to replace West’s role.  Seth McFarlane stated that he will run an episode that will be dedicated to the memory of West. It has also been reported that the legendary actor has completed all of his recordings in advance for 2017. This is typically something that most actors do when they are filming for a series or a film. This way, if they do pass away by some chance or something else happens; their parts in a film will be completed.

No more Lindsey

Besides Mayor West’s passing, there are other things that will take place during the show’s 16th season. First, Chris is going to be taking care of his children without the help of a beautiful Mexican girlfriend Lindsey. Apparently, she was deported in the last episode of season 15; so, Chris has to go it alone with his children. No word has been released as to whether Lindsey is going to make a return in 2017.

New children?

There is also going to be another surprise. Lois’s husband Peter had donated his sperm in the past to sperm banks; but now the children are showing up at his home. Apparently, they found out that he had donated his semen and they managed to track him down. How Lois (and Peter) deals with this situation will have to play out during the 2017 season.

No word is out about Stewie or Brian and if McFarlane has some special things that he is going to do in the show; he has not told the media. The point is that the Family Guy is going to be as interesting as ever for the 2017 season.

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