10 Hilarious Family Feud Answers You Wouldn’t Have Even Thought Of

10 Hilarious Family Feud Answers You Wouldn’t Have Even Thought Of

10 Hilarious Family Feud Answers You Wouldn’t Have Even Thought Of

family feud answers

Family Feud is an American television game show which came back in 1976. It has undergone many changes through the years, and now, it is known with Steve Harvey as its host. The game involves two families competing against each other in answering popular opinion questions. The responses from the game come from surveys, so the strategy would be to think as the mass would do and not as you would do.

Like any game show that involves questions and answers, Family Feud also has its fair share of bizarre answers. Keep reading to see 10 of the funniest Family Feud answers.

10. Coala

Name an animal starting with the letter C that makes a funny sound.

It could be Alex Bazos being under time pressure, so he could have forgotten that it’s koala and not coala. But I get it. It’s the same sound, anyway. Though, it makes me ask, what sound does a koala even make?

9. Planet America

Based on its size, if your bottom were a planet, which one would it be?

I don’t even know what the question means. But I don’t know how come a contestant even answered America. Is America not just a country now? It’s also a planet too?

8. Read

Name something that’s hard to do with your eyes open.

There are many things difficult to do with eyes open, like sleeping or washing one’s face. However, Rell of the Noris family had a different thing in mind – reading. Who would have thought reading with eyes open is not recommended?

7. Blind Date

What might a blind date conveniently forget to mention about himself?

Blind dates are exciting for those who find thrill in the unknown. The mystery behind the person who you’re with can sometimes be fun to seek for some. So in blind dates, some people would try to get to know about their dates – their name, their number, their origin, if they had dated before, or even… if they are blind!

6. Feeding Extra Reindeers

While Santa delivers presents, what are the elves doing back at the shop?

A contestant answered that the elves tended the reindeer back at the North Pole. This is very creative, not gonna lie. I don’t know the lore here. Does Santa have more reindeer than he usually takes when giving gifts?

family feud answers

5. Jaguar with a G

Name an animal that starts with a G.

This happened in the Fast Money round. How would you even spell it with a “G.” Gaguar doesn’t even sound remotely close. Anyways, Steve Harvey then called this animal a “giga-wire.” It’s more hilarious than the coala.

4. The Mona Lisa

Name something specific of Leonardo DiCaprio’s you’d like to hold.

Ah yes, not to be confused with the famous actor Leonardo da Vinci. What’s your favorite Leonardo da Vinci movie? Comment it down below. Mine is Titanic.

3. A kid

Tell me a gift you might give to your girlfriend you’d never give to your mom.”

This is an answer Harvey was not prepared to hear. The contestant even told Harvey that he only spoke for himself and would not gift his mother a kid because, you know, that’s kind of immoral. He was not wrong, but for the board, he was.

2. Hosé

Give me a boy’s name that starts with the letter H.

I mean, the name José sounds like an initial H sound instead of the J because it is a Spanish name. This beats the other misspellings in this list in hilarity because, with that logic, you can spell the name as “Hose,” and not be confused with that thing you used when watering plants.

family feud answers

1. Upine

Name something that follows the word ‘pork’

Okay, you know. That’s quite simple. It could be pork chop or maybe even pork loin or port steak. Pork pie also works well. While there may be wrong answers that people come up with, upine is something very, very unexpected. First, it’s not even a valid word, so it would make us think about how the contestant conceived that answer. Well, it’s simple: pork-upine – porcupine. That’s really out of the box! I wouldn’t have even thought of that in a million years!

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