Emme, JLo’s Daughter, Hangs Out with Jennifer Garner and Family

Emme, JLo’s Daughter, Hangs Out with Jennifer Garner and Family
Emme, JLo’s Daughter, Hangs Out with Jennifer Garner and Family

Credit: Twitter @jloaffleck

When Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez first met in the early 2000s, they became iconic duos. The press dubbed them Bennifer, and everyone was thrilled that two of Hollywood’s most famous and most beautiful people were getting married. Sadly, their long engagement ended with heartbreak. Both Affleck and JLo moved on. Ben Affleck met and married America’s Sweetheart, Jennifer Garner. They welcomed three kids of their own. As of 2022, their daughter Violet is 16, their daughter Seraphina is 13, and their son Samuel is 10. Jennifer Lopez met and married Latin singer and actor Marc Anthony, and the couple welcomed boy/girl twins, Emme and Max, in 2008. Now, what does this have to do with Emme, JLo’s daughter?

The Breakup that Needed to Happen

It’s pure speculation, but we feel that both Ben and JLo would agree – their first breakup needed to happen. Without the end of that engagement, the world would be without five lovely children. No parent regrets the birth of their own child, so we imagine both parties are beyond thankful their relationship did not work out the first time. If it did, neither would have their lovely children.

Both Ben and JLo married and divorced around the same time. Their relationship did not work out, but they both married and had kids before getting divorced. Jennifer Lopez even got engaged a second time after her divorce from Anthony was final, but her engagement to Alex Rodriguez did not work out. Eventually, Bennifer reunited, and everyone began asking what Jennifer Garner thought.

Emme, JLo’s Daughter, Hangs Out with Jennifer Garner and Family

Credit: @emme_maribel_muniz

Jennifer Garner Welcomes JLo with Open Arms

Though she’s not exactly open with the press – we love that about Jennifer Garner – she did send the newlyweds a beautiful flower arrangement and congratulations when they married in the summer of 2022. She welcomed JLo into her family with open arms and reportedly feels good about JLo. According to an article published on Yahoo, Jennifer Garner has one goal: to make sure her kids are happy. This means making sure their father remains sober and present in their lives. And, it so happens that she feels JLo is the person who can keep Ben Affleck sober and healthy. It’s all she wants – and she’s happy her kids have a loving stepmother and some cool stepsiblings.

Jennifer Garner is All About Family

The gorgeous mother of three knows that her kids are the number one priority in her life, and this means she’s welcomed Emme, JLo’s daughter, and her son Max with open arms. These are her kids’ siblings, and this means they are her own bonus family. When photos of Garner with her own three kids and Emme Muniz attending a school event for one of Garner’s kids were published, the world fell in love with Garner again. She’s always been America’s Sweetheart. She’s beautiful and funny, has a smile that lights up the room, and is wholesome. Now she’s the mom who loves her ex-husband’s new wife’s kids with open arms and a happy smile. If only everyone could be like Jennifer Garner.

Emme, JLo’s Daughter, Hangs Out with Jennifer Garner and Family

Credit: @jlo

Putting the Kids First in Every Aspect

Even though it’s obvious, that Bennifer never stopped loving one another, and they are one another’s true loves, they have kids to put first. Emme, JLo’s daughter, clearly loves spending time with her stepsiblings, with whom she has grown close. This includes their mother, and it means this is one big, happy family. Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband, has not directly spoken out about Bennifer’s marriage, but sources report that he is happy for his ex. It’s widely known that the two remained very close after their divorce and support one another.

At the end of the day, JLo and Ben Affleck have this in common – their kids come first, and they both believe in excellent co-parenting relationships with their exes. It’s important, and it’s something neither is willing to compromise. Both spend time with their exes as a family with their kids when they have events, with their spouse’s exes when they have events, and being a close family is important to each. It’s also important to their exes. We can see this in the bonding Emme, JLo’s daughter is doing with Jennifer Garner. It might not be perfect, but we should all give credit where credit is due. These parents are doing the right thing for their kids, and it’s lovely to witness it happening.

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