Emily Owens M.D. 1.04 “Emily and…the Predator” Recap

EMILY OWENS M.D.Due to Will and Cassandra getting closer in recent episodes of Emily Owens M.D., Emily has decided to try not to let them be alone, showing up during a run they go on, volunteering to help Cassandra with a patient, and interrupting a lunch they were having on the roof together. Once Will heads back downstairs, Cassandra begins asking about what he was like in medical school and if he had any serious relationships; Emily attempts to discourage the thought of Cassandra dating Will, but Dr. Kopelson remains unbothered and tells Emily that they’ll do a brainstorming session for their patient’s diagnosis later.

After complaining to Tyra about Will not knowing who Cassandra really is, Emily catches Dr. Kopelson volunteering to take a pathology report to Dr. Collins and heads her off on the 4th floor. Cassandra finally catches on to what Emily’s trying to good and taunts her a little bit, telling her “I’m going to date your friend” and mentioning that she’s “pretty AND confident”, which unnerves Emily even more. Not even bringing up an old victim of Cassandra’s (Kendall Peterson) can do any damage to Will’s opinion of her, as the two had since made up and Cassandra went to her wedding recently, something Emily was not invited for.

Later, Will asks Emily if it’d be okay if he asked Cassandra out, which she said would be fine, even though her mind was screaming that it would be the exact opposite of fine. Following Emily’s successful first cut (and Tyra throwing Dr. Kopelson’s shoes out the window), Cassandra comes up to her and tells her about her first botched attempt at her own first cut. Her hand shook and she feels like that’s all Dr. Bandari sees when she looks at her. Cassandra was already incredibly insecure about her academic capabilities, but with a poor experience in the OR, she’s doubting that she’s capable of doing this, of being a successful surgeon. She then tells Emily that she’s sorry for taking credit with Dr. Bandari for the proper diagnosis Emily thought of earlier in the episode, only to steal papers from a folder Emily was carrying and do the same thing right after they talked.

Emily goes to Will and tells him that she doesn’t want him to date Cassandra, which he agrees to hold off on at the after work party celebrating Emily’s first cut.

Kidney Problems and Arranged Marriages
A woman named Amira is rushed into the ER with potential kidney failure, along with her husband from an arranged marriage Sushil and both of their families. During the biopsy, it’s learned that rom-com loving Amira has only one kidney, which is currently in major distress, thanks to a disease that causes scar tissue to develop in the kidney. Due to it being irreversible, it’s time to look for a potential transplant, with her husband turning out to be an ideal match. However, Amira doesn’t want to accept the kidney, since she’s not sure that she loves her husband of 4 months; if she does accept the kidney, she feels like she’d be indebted to him and wouldn’t be able to leave him due to him doing this for her. Emily tells her that if something’s important enough, she’ll find a way to say it and she does admit to her family that she would rather be in dialysis than accept Sushil’s kidney. He’s just as unsure about their future as she is, which comforts her, but her blood pressure soon crashes and she goes into shock, sending her into a coma.

Her body didn’t respond to the dialysis and basically shut down, expediting the need for another kidney. Although he’s not sure that he’s in love with her, Sushil demands that they take his kidney; Micah then informs Emily that she’ll be getting her first cut in Sushil’s surgery and she performs admirably well. When Amira wakes up, she’s initially unsure why her husband decided to go through with the surgery; he tells her that while he might not be certain about their relationship, he didn’t want to lose her.

Baby Be Mine
Dr. Hamada gets Emily to run an ultrasound on a woman (Ellen) that’s acting as a surrogate for her sister. Pregnant with twins, the male fetus has hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which means that the valves of his heart are too narrow to pump blood through and that there’s no opening between the walls of the heart. If left untreated, it could lead to blood filling the lungs and a quick death if not handled through a risky in vitro surgery; potentially, both babies could be lost, but if left untouched, the only option for the male would be post-natal compassionate care. He wouldn’t make it, but he’d be allowed to stay at the hospital, his suffering lessened as a result. The sister (Claire) decides that they don’t want to do the surgery without talking to Ellen beforehand, which leads to the latter kicking the former out of her room.

After Emily tries to play mediator and weigh Claire’s concern for her children with Ellen’s need to be included in the process, the three end up in a room together where Ellen admits that she agreed to be the surrogate in order for her sister to think of her as something than “my annoying little sister.” Claire then admits that she’s jealous of Ellen getting to experience the typical pregnancy events firsthand, i.e. feeling the baby kick, etc. The talk gets Claire to rethink her position on the surgery and Ellen soon goes under the knife; in the care of Dr. Bandari and Dr. Hamada, the procedure is a success, with the male’s heart being repaired and both fetuses making it through.

Additional thoughts and observations:
-Another Alan Zolman reference – might we get to meet him in a future episode?
-Tyra mentioned multiple times that she finds Cassandra hot. I can smell the fan fic being written as we speak.
-Cassandra’s flirting includes the laugh and linger, the whisper come hither, and the cold little shiver. My flirting includes me being too shy eye contact and then going to buy a taco.
-The guys in lab tech can be bribed with Swiss Rolls.
-Next week on Emily Owens M.D.: After getting embarrassed in the ER, Emily tries to toughen up, while Cassandra tries being nice to Emily to get information about Will and Tyra sets Emily up on a date.

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