Diving Deeper into the Life of TikTok Star Eliza Minor

Diving Deeper into the Life of TikTok Star Eliza Minor

Diving Deeper into the Life of TikTok Star Eliza Minor

Eliza Minor has been turning heads her entire life, but her recent meteoric rise on social media is beyond anything she could have ever imagined. As a successful TikToker, Eliza has amassed over a million followers, and her popularity shows no signs of slowing down. She also boasts over 400,000 followers on Instagram. Like most TikTokers, Eliza’s content primarily features dancing and lip-syncing videos. However, her followers also flock to her social media pages to admire her fashionable outfits and stunning model shots. Despite facing some drama in her time in the social media spotlight, Eliza has navigated it all with grace. Read on to discover 10 things you didn’t know about Eliza Minor.

1. She’s a Volleyball Star

While Eliza may not look like someone who enjoys breaking a sweat, appearances can be deceiving. Eliza is actually quite active and thrives on competition. She’s a team player and was a member of the freshman volleyball team at her high school.

2. She’s a Pageant Queen

In 2019, Eliza was crowned Miss North Carolina Teen USA. This honor was particularly special because it marked Eliza’s first time competing in a beauty pageant. In an interview after her win, she said, “It’s always been a dream of mine to do it. It was kind of just a thing I signed up for. My mom did pageants when she was little. I did some of my hometown pageants like the Harrisburg Fourth of July and I loved it.”

3. She’s Signed to a Modeling Agency

Despite her young age, Eliza is already making a name for herself as not only a beauty queen but also a model. She is currently signed to the model and talent management company MMG. According to the company’s website, “MMG is recognized nationally and internationally as a highly successful model and talent management company and ranked by IMDB in the top 1% of all television and film management.”

4. She Aspires to Be a Plastic Surgeon

While being popular on the internet is undoubtedly exciting, Eliza has her sights set on a different future. A Facebook post from H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery in North Carolina mentioned that Eliza hopes to work in plastic surgery someday.

5. She’s a Cheerleader

Volleyball isn’t the only sport Eliza is involved in. She is also a member of her high school’s cheerleading squad. According to Pageant Planet, “Eliza has been tumbling since the age of six and has been competing in tumbling and cheerleading for the past three years. She has been competing with a worlds team at Cheer Athletics, NC.”

6. She’s Active in Student Council

Eliza truly embodies the definition of a well-rounded student. In addition to being a student-athlete, she participates in her school’s student council. While her specific role on the council is unclear, there’s no doubt that being involved in any form of student government could prove beneficial in the future.

7. She Volunteers with the Special Olympics

Teenagers often receive criticism for being self-absorbed, but Eliza defies that stereotype. She enjoys giving back to others and holds a special place in her heart for those with disabilities. She has spent time volunteering at local events for the Special Olympics.

8. She’s a Beacon of Positivity

In a world filled with negativity, social media has become a breeding ground for people who spew harsh words from behind a keyboard. Instead of focusing on the negativity, Eliza chooses to use her platform to spread positivity and uplift others.

9. Her Faith Is a Cornerstone of Her Life

While Eliza doesn’t divulge too much about her personal life, she has made it clear that her faith is important to her. She has an entire highlight section on her Instagram story dedicated to church, which appears to be her favorite place. Eliza is a Christian, but her specific denomination is unknown.

10. She Experienced Relationship Drama

A few months ago, Eliza found herself caught in the middle of one of TikTok’s favorite couples when a video surfaced that appeared to show her dancing on Bryce Hall. Although there’s no confirmation that Bryce and Addison Rae were actually together when the video was taken, many followers were concerned because Eliza is underage. She is only 16 years old, while Bryce is 20.

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