“Dunkirk” and “Darkest Hour” Get an Amazing Movie Trailer Mashup

“Dunkirk” and “Darkest Hour” Get an Amazing Movie Trailer Mashup

If you didn’t know any better you might think this mashup of Dunkirk and The Darkest Hour were the same movie. In reality they do have something to do with each other since Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister during the time that Dunkirk almost became the last resting place for thousands upon thousands of soldiers. He ordered the strike that would hold off the Germans so that the troops could be evacuated, even if it wasn’t a popular decision. Even after this act however it was still apparent that the Germans might reach England invade if not halted where they were.

It seems like digging up the past has become a popular movie trend yet again. To be honest it never really goes away since history is rife with interesting and engaging stories that many directors want to take on. Winston Churchill is one of the more intriguing character that history has taken note of simply for his decisions during the war and for his character. Some say that he was a bit hard to get along with but the fact remains that he was something of an inspiration since he did not wish to give even an inch when he wanted something to go his way. He was kind of brash in some respects and even a bit arrogant but still had the best interests of his country at hand as he would have seen it.

Dunkirk was one of the hardest times in the war as history has recorded. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers were stranded without a way home, and the rallying cry that went up would eventually bring forth the ships, both military and private, that would take them to safety. Not all of them survived as some ships were blown out of the water, but around 300,000 soldiers did make it out of Dunkirk.

Historically speaking the films were as close as they could be made in terms of accuracy and authenticity, but like anything that takes from history there were bound to be some flaws. That’s fairly normal in a historical movie since some aspects of the real scene might not seem exciting or pertinent enough to make it into the film. Directors want realism in such films but they also want people to be able to watch them without falling asleep due to boredom. Honestly these types of films are the kind that a person has to be into or at least curious about in order to really enjoy it. If war movies, or those with an historical lean, are not for you then chances are good that you won’t fully enjoy it.

That being said, The Darkest Hour and Dunkirk should at least be worth taking a look at just to see if they’re worth of your time. It might be that you do or don’t like such films but taking a glance couldn’t hurt, and it could show you something that you didn’t know before watching it.

Remember just to take the movies at face value to start with.

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