Devious Maids 1.06 Review: “Walking the Dog”

So. Awkward.

So you know how I was all excited and pleased about the Sam/Carmen epic friendship that was established last week and was going to be a developing theme and maybe be different from every other male-female relationship on TV right now? Yeah. I shouldn’t have. They hooked up. I was unimpressed.

And this was after Carmen sabotaged Sam’s attempted at moving on by giving the girl a severe allergic reaction knowingly, strictly because she was jealous of the woman and Sam was having none of her excuses. Sometimes I wonder if we’re even supposed to like characters on this show.


More interestingly, Ziola is back this episode for some serious sass and heart. When Remy and his mother lose all of their money due to a rogue embezzler Ziola’s there to offer some real-world perspective (like, “ohai, might want to get a job to support your insane lifestyle choices”). She’s a voice of reason in a some mild insanity, much to my pleasure. It’s actually surprisingly touching to see her reach out to her long-time friend and employer, even if the moment is played for cheap comedy a moment later. Apparently prostitution is A-OK so long as you’re desperate and comedic relief?

It’s just sort of jarring, since we have an ongoing prostitution subplot and that’s not supposed to be taken for laughs.

Also, Remy is now apparently a coke addict, because women are evil temptresses and he has terrible coping mechanisms.

Side note: Rosie is now having an affair with Mr. Spence, and yes, it’s kind of gross. Perri comments on the fact that Rosie’s work ethic is slipping and one thing leads to another and Spence ends up having a heart attack (startlingly young, actually, and no, it’s never explained) which leads to a slow recovering, Rosie realizing how much it sucks to sleep with your boss when you can’t even get into his hospital room, and Perri realizes that she’d probably benefit from therapy to help deal with the fact that she doesn’t respect her husband and forgets that she loves him sometimes.  

Devious Maids 1.06 Review: “Walking the Dog”

But the crown jewel plot this episode was Marisol and the Powells. Evelyn is back in full form –a baseball bat makes an appearance and for all she resents her husband, my god does she step up to the plate for him — and Adrian is decidedly skeevy. Marisol, however, is awesome. When she finds incriminating DVDs, she goes to her other employers — you know, the ex-prostitute and her husband — to let them know that Adrian has filmed everything. Instead of just getting Marisol to steal them, the husband whose name I can’t remember flies off the handle and goes to beat the hell out of Adrian. It was surprisingly satisfying.

In the end though it’s a fruitless endearvor, because while Marisol finds the room where the DVDs are kept and made, she’s fired for her efforts and told not to return. In another show, this would be the point where Marisol went to her lawyer or the police and got a warrant for those DVDs, and everything would be wrapped up neatly. I’m interested to see what other illegal means Marisol goes to, though, so it’s all good–a little break from reality is refreshing once in a while.

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