Behind the Voices: The Cast of Despicable Me 2

Behind the Voices: The Cast of Despicable Me 2

Universal Pictures struck gold with the record-breaking success of Despicable Me 2, which became the studio’s most profitable film in its 101-year history. The film’s characters and screenplay were critically acclaimed, raking in a staggering $970 million at the box office on a $76 million budget. Among the incredible characters in the movie, the minions stand out as a hilarious and iconic bunch, becoming some of the most influential animated characters in modern times. The 2010 debut film spawned what would become the highest-grossing animated film franchise in movie history, with the franchise grossing over $4.4 billion globally and counting. As we eagerly await the release of Despicable Me 4 in 2024, let’s take a look at the talented voice cast behind the beloved characters of Despicable Me 2.

Steve Carell as Gru

When Life Magazine recognized Steve Carell as “America’s Funniest Man,” they were spot on. Carell is undoubtedly one of the funniest comedians in Hollywood today, and he lends his voice to the character of Gru. In the film, Gru transitions from a proud supervillain to a loving father of three adopted daughters—Margo, Edith, and Agnes. Embracing his new life as a dad, Gru decides to leave his villainous ways behind. However, when the world needs him, he joins the Anti-Villain League to stop El Macho from wreaking havoc.

Kristen Wiig as Lucy Wilde

Kristen Wiig provides the voice for Lucy Wilde, an agent of the Anti-Villain League. Lucy crosses paths with Gru when she arrives at his house to recruit him for a world-saving mission. Not one to go down without a fight, Lucy forcibly drags Gru to the agency. Throughout the film, Lucy works alongside Gru and his minions to track down the mutagen thief. Eventually, she becomes Gru’s love interest, and after 147 dates, the two marry, making Lucy a mother to Gru’s adopted daughters.

Benjamin Bratt as Eduardo Pérez/El Macho

Before Benjamin Bratt was brought in to voice El Macho, Al Pacino had already started recording lines for the character. However, due to creative differences, Pacino left the project, and Bratt stepped in, delivering an excellent performance. Eduardo Pérez appears to be an ordinary Mexican restaurant owner, but Gru becomes suspicious of him during his investigation of a theft. Gru’s suspicions are confirmed when Pérez is revealed to be the villainous El Macho, who steals the PX-41 serum and plans to use it to create an army of mind-controlled minions to take over the world. Gru and Lucy team up to stop him.

Russell Brand as Dr. Nefario

Russell Brand reprises his role as the voice of Dr. Nefario, Gru’s partner-in-crime with a hearing impairment. Brand’s distinctive British accent is easily recognizable in the character. When Gru decides to turn over a new leaf, Dr. Nefario grows bored and opts to return to his villainous ways. He finds a new partner in crime in El Macho, but when he discovers El Macho’s plans to turn minions into mind-controlled monsters, Dr. Nefario switches sides and rejoins Gru.

Steve Coogan as Silas Ramsbottom

Steve Coogan lends his voice to Silas Ramsbottom, the Director of the Anti-Villain League. When Ramsbottom first introduces himself to Gru, the minions can’t help but laugh at his surname. As the head of the agency, Lucy reports directly to him.

Miranda Cosgrove as Margo

Miranda Cosgrove voices Margo, the eldest of Gru’s adopted daughters. Margo has come a long way from her initial distrust of Gru, and like many teenage girls, she becomes interested in boys, much to Gru’s dismay. To protect his daughter, Gru goes to great lengths, even freezing any boy who breaks her heart.

Dana Gaier as Edith

Edith, Gru’s adopted middle child, is voiced by Dana Gaier. Edith is more interested in enjoying the perks of being adopted by a wealthy father like Gru. With a tomboyish nature, she prefers learning martial arts to engaging in stereotypically girly activities.

Elsie Fisher as Agnes

Agnes, Gru’s youngest adopted child, is voiced by Elsie Fisher. As the baby of the family, Agnes was more open to trusting Gru from the start. Unlike her older sister Margo, who is preoccupied with boys, or Edith, who is focused on material possessions, Agnes’s innocence makes her all the more endearing.

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