Casting a Live Action Pokemon Movie

Casting a Live Action Pokemon Movie

Casting a Live Action Pokemon Movie

Since its inception into American culture Pokemon has been growing in popularity in leaps and bounds. It’s taken a downturn a couple of times, but overall it has remained a favorite cartoon and pastime among kids and even some adults. While the franchise has seen full-length films made of the cartoon, it has yet to see a live action movie that fans are asking for. In this day and age the cartoons are still loved by most fans, but with the technology at hand there is no longer any excuse why such a film cannot exist.

Here’s a start to what we’d envision in a live action Pokemon movie cast:

7. Jon Favreau – Director

For this type of movie Favreau would be an undeniable choice simply because he has a background in the more fantastical story lines that allow him to expand on his imagination and interpretation of how things should go. Allowing him to take the helm of a Pokemen live action movie, if he would agree, would almost guarantee it to become a huge box office draw.

6. Josh Gad – Meowth

He’s been in live action films and done voice-overs, so there’s really no other way to say except to admit that Josh Gad is a true talent. He’s the funny man for the current era that can bring a fresh breath of funny to any situation, and as the devious Meowth he would be perfect simply because of the freedom he would have with the character.

5. Brandon Routh and Brie Larson – Jessie and James

Both of them have played in serious and comical roles, so there’s a good amount of experience that could bring this duo to life onscreen. Though not lauded as couple, the chemistry needed seems like it could be very possible between Routh and Larson. If nothing else it would be fun to watch as team Rocket attempted one hilarious caper after another only to be defeated by their own hubris.

4. Steven Yeun – Brock

If you have any doubt of Yeun’s capability to play the protector role just watch a few seasons of The Walking Dead, preferably those when Glen finally comes into his character of being the guy that everyone looks to. As Brock he could most likely dial up the funny and the protective qualities at the same time in an attempt to keep his companions safely on the straight and narrow.

3. Molly C. Quinn – Misty

Misty is almost like the girl next door that serves as your first crush. Quinn not only has the right look for the plucky young girl in this story, but has the talent needed to bring the part to life. Apart from the fact that human eyes aren’t nearly as big as those in the cartoons and emotions aren’t as so overplayed in live action movies, Quinn is the right fit simply because she seems to have been made for the part.

2. Mark Ruffalo – Professor Oak

There are probably a dozen older men that could fill this role, but Ruffalo should be given consideration first due to the fact that he has actually played the part of a doctor/scientist. Add to that the fact that he is another established star that could lends this film even more credibility and it would be insanity not to pick him.

1. Dylan O’Brien- Ash Ketchum

So he’s not a ten-year old boy and obviously can’t pull off the look. This doesn’t mean much as Pokemon can still be a hit with a start like O’Brien in the role of main character. What he lacks in youth he can more than make up for in his acting skills and an adherence to the role that would likely please many fans.


There might be a few people that disagree with a list like this, thinking that younger actors would serve better, but no matter who gets cast to play the main characters, a live action Pokemon movie would be a long-awaited treat for many fans. So long as it’s treated as it needs to be, there wouldn’t be much argument on who acts out which parts.

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