Dead Set 1.03 “Episode Three” Review

Dead Set 1.03 “Episode Three” Review

Grayson and Angel, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house…

Talk about a double eviction.

The two divas were the first two contestants to bite the dust and succumb to the undead. Marky still blames himself, but Grayson could’ve been spared if he had of only listened to Kelly and not the dying Angel in front of him, whose body was rapidly becoming zombified when she begged to be untied. At that rate, I would’ve called it a day, put her out of her misery and lived to see another day. Now, that’s all in hindsight, but still…

Let’s discuss the weasel that is Joplin, who almost got Veronica killed by being a coward and not helping her with their newly zombie housemates. To make matters worse, the guy had just pleasured himself while watching Veronica shower not even 30 minutes before the attack happened. Someone like him is not safe to have around the house, only because his hesitation could mean the death of someone else. I don’t wish death on anyone, but Joplin needs a swift beating. Veronica isn’t too daft, because she handled the situation smartly. Great thinking on her feet, that one.

While hell revisited the Big Brother house, Kelly, Marky, and Space encountered two bumbling cops, who were of no use to them in terms of information or a place of safety. They were, however, helpful in giving the trio some much needed artillery even if it meant them dying to do so. It’s funny: the two cops told Kelly and the Housemates they were supposed to remain indoors, yet they were out joyriding as if nothing was going on. Makes me think they weren’t actually cops, but what does it matter now? The craziest thing about the whole ordeal? Marky still worried about what the world thought about him and his relationship with Veronica. So much for him maturing a little bit.

Did you see the look on Alex’s face when Riq discovered Kelly was alive in the Big Brother house? It went from snarky input on trying to reach the Big Brother house to downright dread when Kelly appeared on the live feed. What do you think was going through her head? Was it the thought of losing someone, a potential new love, to his girl? Did she have a moment of reminiscing about her own lover she lost? Or did Alex see the hell and possible death trying to get to the Big Brother house? She doesn’t have to go with Riq on this suicide mission, but she doesn’t want to be alone again. Liz May Brice sold that scene, because it had so much foreshadowing that I best shut up before I spoil anything else. If I was her, I would let Riq kill him and find some other survivors to shack up with. The house they are in seems safe enough, why leave?

Anyway, what do you think so far?

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