4 Facts You Did Not Know About Actor David Tennant

david Tennant facts

credit: Doctor Who

David Tennant is best known for his role in Doctor Who. He is one of the many men who have taken on this role over the years, and he does it well. He was the tenth Dr. Who to exist. Tennant played the role on the BBC version from 2005 until 2010. He came back in 2013 for a moment, and then he came back again in 2022 and 2023. However, he’s not only the actor who took on this role. He’s done a few other things, too, and one of those things was taking a role in the hit film franchise called Harry Potter. Tennant, in Harry Potter, played a death eater by the name of Barty Crouch Jr. He was a bad man and one that the world thought was dead for many years. He used a Polyjuice potion for the better part of an entire school year to infiltrate Hogwarts and throw Harry Potter’s name in the Goblet of Fire under the guise of being MadEye Moony, a new professor and highly respected Auror.

He, of course, didn’t get to spend much time starring in Harry Potter, considering he was a character playing another character, so the actor playing the other character was playing both himself and Barty Crouch Jr. if you can follow that along. However, when he was in his own form in the movie, he was better than just good. David Tennant is a talented man, and we thought you might want to know a few things about him.

Keep reading to learn four interesting David Tennant facts.

david Tennant facts

credit: Doctor Who

1. David Tennant Was Born and Raised in Scotland

He was born in Bathgate, West Lothian, on April 18, 1971. Exceptionally religious parents raised him. His father, Sandy McDonald, was the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. He was also a local minister in their hometown. Religion was a huge part of his life growing up and played an important role in his acting career.

2. Tennant’s Parents Did Not Encourage Their Son to Act

This is probably one of the most interesting David Tennant facts. In a lovely twist of irony, Tennant told his parents he’d become an actor at the age of three. He loved Doctor Who, and he wanted to be him. Ironically, he would become Doctor Who later in his career and thrived. However, his parents were not sure this was their son’s best path. They did encourage him to follow his dreams, but they also encouraged him to replace his dream of becoming an actor with something a little more conventional.

3. Other People Noticed His Talent

While his mother and father wanted him to pursue a different dream, they did not stop their son from becoming an actor as a child. He was able to participate in drama events at school plays, and he loved it. A famous actor by the name of Edith MacArthur watched him in a local play when he was just a boy, and she told his parents he would be successful as an actor. He was only ten at this point, and that only fueled his passion.

4. He is Adamant that His Personal Life is Only for Him

This is, perhaps, the most amazing David Tennant fact outside of his stellar acting abilities. He does not like to bother with details, such as discussing his personal life. Tennant is firm in the belief that his personal life is all about balance and privacy, so he doesn’t discuss it. He is a firm believer that relationships generally are difficult enough to maintain and do work, and he is not in the business of making it more difficult. He does not discuss his relationships in public, and he never has. We don’t see him changing his mind about that anytime soon, either.

david Tennant facts

credit: Doctor Who

He is married, however. That’s simply public information. His wife is also an actress, so we do get some personal information from that. Her name is Georgia Moffett, and she’s got a famous family of her own. Her mother is actress Sandra Dickinson, and her father is Peter Davison. They were married after she played his daughter in Doctor Who. He adopted her son from a previous relationship, and they went on to have four kids of their own in a decade.

Their son, Ty, was born to Moffett before she met her husband. They welcomed their first child together, a daughter, in 2011. Her name is Olive. Wilfred, their son, was born in 2013. Their daughter Doris was born in 2015. They welcomed their fifth child, another girl whose name is Birdie, in 2019.

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