CW Is Developing an Adaptation of DC Comics’ Project 13

CW Is Developing an Adaptation of DC Comics’ Project 13

In 2012, The CW launched the DC Comics-based TV show called Arrow, which was centered around Stephen Amell playing the role of Green Arrow. At the time, the Superman-centered Smallville had come to a recent close, but rather than make something set in that particular setting, the people behind Arrow decided to go in their own direction, perhaps because the existing material that had been produced for Smallville would have put too much of a constraint on their own efforts. Regardless, the success of Arrow was enough to prompt a Flash-centered spin-off called The Flash in 2013, which was followed by a succession of new series such as Legends of Tomorrow in 2016 and Supergirl in either 2015 or 2016 depending on how one sees its situation.

This is the manner in which the Arrowverse was created. Although the numbers for its flagship series might have been slipping for some time, it is nonetheless successful enough that the Arrowverse is continuing to expand. For proof, look no further than the upcoming animated series called Freedom Fighters: The Ray, which is expected to tie in with a crossover between the various live-action series that will be happening sometime soon. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that further series are being planned for the Arrowverse, as shown by the recent news of something called Project 13.

What Is The CW’s Next Project Based on DC Comic Books?

The latest project will be another drama series in much the same style as its existing counterparts in the Arrowverse. However, it is curious in that it will not be centered around either a superhero or a team of superheroes but rather a father and a daughter who specialize in investigations of the unknown. To be exact, Project 13 will be centered around a forensic scientist named Traci Thirteen who happens to believe in the paranormal, which is a perfectly rational position in the Arrowverse considering the existence of John Constantine as well as a significant proportion of the supporting characters from his stories. Never mind the fact that she actually possesses extraordinary powers of her own. Regardless, Traci will be teaming up with her father Terrance Thirteen, who happens to be much more skeptical of paranormal claims, to look into various cases that could have a connection to the paranormal. Something that should make for a natural bond as well as a natural tension between the two characters, meaning that the resulting TV show could well prove to be watch-worthy.

What Can We Expect from Project 13?

At this point in time, there is not a lot of information that has been revealed about Project 13. For example, it is known that both Elizabeth Banks and Daegan Fryklind will be serving as executive producers for the TV show, with Banks taking on an additional role as a producer and Fryklind taking on an additional role as a writer. Meanwhile, both Traci and her father are existing characters in the DC comic books, but since the setup for their upcoming TV show seems to be a sign that the TV show will be striking out on its own, their activities in the source material are not necessarily indicative of what could happen in the future. However, it is interesting to note that Traci has a strong connection with Metropolis in the comic books, which seems like something that would encourage crossovers with Supergirl at some point down the road.

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