Cradle to Stage Episode 4: Brandi and Teresa Carlile

Cradle to Stage Episode 4: Brandi and Teresa Carlile

Cradle to Stage Episode 4: Brandi and Teresa Carlile

It’s pretty amusing to realize that Dave Grohl and Brandi Carlile were playing gigs only a short way away from each other. But watching this episode it’s amazing to realize how steeped in music Brandi really is, and how it was meant to be that she would find her way to the stage at some point. One could say that she had a bit of a rough life growing up, but the best part of it was that she had a support group behind her the entire way, since her family was always there for her. Her style of music is definitely something that’s been popular in Seattle for a while, and as the episode wears on one can see that Grohl and Brandi were both meant to shine in the Emerald City, no matter how many hardships they had to face. For Dave, it was being broke and living in squalor much of the time when he was first coming up since his band Scream didn’t really make much, just enough to keep their van running and to keep them fed, kind of.

In Brandi’s case she was taken care of along with her siblings, and her life, despite not being rich and famous right away, was still one that saw her learning what she needed in order to move forward. One thing that’s been obvious with every musician thus far is that education wasn’t always at the forefront of their thoughts, which isn’t hard to imagine since each one of them has been all about the music, and despite any other issues in their lives these individuals have been there to create what they feel for their fans’ enjoyment. Brandi’s big deal came when it was time to discuss being a mother with her wife Cath. This apparently became a big deal since she knew the life of a musician meant being away from home, touring, and being busy all the time. It’s not hard to think that depression started to eat at her and that her habits while on tour were bound to be a problem. When she and her wife sat down to discuss what needed to happen though, Brandi apparently knew that things had to change if they were going to have a family. 

That does sound incredibly difficult, since the life of a musician, especially a famous individual that goes on tour, can be hard on those that they leave behind. But to this date, Brandi has made it work, and she’s managed to work through her depression bit by bit, becoming a mother as well as a continued success that has made her family proud. Going through the episode the audience was granted a look at the life she used to live, playing in bars and making very little on her way to success. Her flamboyant personality was a detriment for a while as well when she was younger, but she was doing what made her happy, which is usually the best way to go when it comes to gaining any sense of self-respect and esteem. It’s hard to lose, to fail, and to feel as though people are laughing at you behind your back, but looking at how Brandi turned out, she proved to be stronger than any of the influences that might have tried to bring her down. As for Dave, his days with Scream eventually came to an end when he discovered that a small band named Nirvana was looking for a drummer. It was like fate opening a door, and while he didn’t want to leave his bandmates, Dave knew he had to take the shot and depart Scream. Obviously that was a great decision since he ended up becoming one of the most well-known drummers around as he took on the role in Nirvana and began creating classics along with Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic. When Kurt died it was a huge blow to many people, but Dave felt understandable listless, as he’d lost a friend and the band was no more. 

Eventually Dave did return to the music, and he created another band that has rivaled if not topped Nirvana, the Foo Fighters. Having seen them in concert it’s fair to say that they put on one hell of a good show, and it’s fair to state that Dave Grohl feels his music without any doubt. Much like the previous episodes, this one was uplifting and inspirational in a way that saw success come from adversity, struggle, and tragedy, and it’s been a wild ride thus far with the selected musicians and the stories their mothers have to tell. It’s been interesting so far to learn more about these amazing people and the trials they’ve had to endure, the mothers and the musicians, to see the kind of success they’ve had in life. 

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