Could Marvel’s Egyptian Gods Have Stopped Thanos?

Could Marvel’s Egyptian Gods Have Stopped Thanos?

Could Marvel’s Egyptian Gods Have Stopped Thanos?

The answer to this question appears to be: possibly, which is not entirely satisfying but is still an answer that might prove to be interesting. It’s already been shown in the Moon Knight series that Khonshu can alter the sky as he sees fit, but not without incurring punishment from the other gods. This makes it even more apparent that the Ennead, the Egyptian pantheon in the MCU, does possess great power. If this was looked at from the view of the comic books, the answer would still be a resounding no, since Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet was a force that not even the cosmic beings could stand against, and while the Ennead is incredibly powerful, it’s still fair to say that they don’t appear to roam that far from earth, meaning that they might not have the same kind of power as many other deities do. Even if they do have that kind of power and don’t show it, Thanos in the comics was simply too powerful since no matter what type of attack was thrown at him, it wasn’t enough. 

In the comics, it came down to dumb chance that defeated Thanos, since Nebula somehow came back to herself at the right moment and wished herself back to full power, and even undid everything that Thanos had already accomplished. In the MCU Thanos was delayed and almost defeated far easier to be fair, but the Avengers had to go back in time to prevent Thanos from gaining the Infinity Stones, which was undoubtedly a very drastic measure, even though it was needed. In the comics, it does feel that Thanos could have taken on the Ennead with ease, but even in the MCU, it feels that the fight would have been anything but easy since those that stood against Thanos had to bring their A-game to even slow him down. For all his tactical genius though, he was still beaten, because the fans wanted the heroes to win. 

As far as the Ennead goes, it’s been explained that they kept themselves out of human affairs for a reason that’s even worse than the Celestials since they’ve stayed away because people no longer worship them. Gods are rather fickle beings in pop culture, aren’t they? The reality that Khonshu has such power, but can still be dominated by others in the Ennead, means that the group is quite capable of performing great and terrible feats. But one has to wonder if, since they’re still bound by the same laws of the universe in a lot of ways, they would be strong enough to defeat Thanos. The fact that some folks believe that it’s a possibility is enough to say that yes, together they might have a very good chance of defeating the mad titan if they could get off of the kick of being butt-hurt that humanity had ‘abandoned’ them. This reason for staying away is kind of laughable even if it does carry a strong point about the fickle nature of human beings. Picturing the Ennead taking on Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet means imagining a battle that would destroy an insanely large area.

Their victory wouldn’t come without a price since it does feel that if it were necessary, the writers would have likely ramped up Thanos’ power even further since whether people want to believe it or not, Thanos’ power was lowered as much as many other characters since his comic counterpart’s abilities were simply amazing, while the MCU’s version is still impressive, but was also dulled down to keep the battle on a terrestrial scale. The most impressive thing that Thanos did, other than the Snap, was to disrupt and drop a moon, or at least a chunk of it, on top of Iron Man. Apart from that, much of his power was kept within the army he commanded and the overall durability and tactical movements he was seen to make. In other words, Thanos was greatly diminished in the MCU, and the Ennead, as they exist now, would have had a good chance at defeating him if they were able to work together. That appears to be one of the weaknesses of the Ennead though, as they don’t appear to be a fully functioning unit. 

This is one of the biggest flaws that any group would have when fighting against Thanos since those that aren’t able to bring forth a concentrated effort to defeat the mad titan are those that are going to fall very quickly. In the comics, even a well-laid plan didn’t go well, so any attempt made by a team that didn’t value communication or trust wouldn’t stand much of a chance, not even if they were seriously overpowered. The Ennead could make this happen if they had any hope of standing together, but it’s tough to think that such a thing might have ever happened. 

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