Could Denzel Washington Join The Fast and Furious Franchise?

Could Denzel Washington Join The Fast and Furious Franchise?

It doesn’t sound like a bad idea really, inviting Denzel Washington to the Fast and Furious franchise yet again, even if he did apparently say no to a role in part 7. Maybe he’d think about this time around and possibly come to the conclusion that he could take on a role that would either let him throw hands with someone or be the guy behind the scenes running the show. The fact is that Denzel could take on either role since he’s just that good. It sounds as though someone on the crew wants Matt Damon to make his way to the franchise as well, and considering how many stars are already hooked into the story it doesn’t sound like the worst idea, especially since the Fast and Furious franchise has become another male soap opera at this time given that there’s always an out and always a surprise coming around the bend, such as Han being alive. But to include someone like Denzel would be a huge opportunity to throw a curve ball to the audience that they might not see coming. It could also be a chance to bring in yet another big name that would get people interested in see what else the franchise has to offer. 

Whether Denzel would be a villain or an ally, not necessarily a hero, would be an interesting proposition since it would be interesting to see him as someone that might have knowledge of one or more of the team members that he could use to his advantage or to help out. Throughout his long career, Denzel has been able to portray a convincing villain and a quiet, reserved hero figure that usually has something troubling in his past that he has yet to work through. That would be kind of perfect for a franchise such as this, since it could be added quite easily and used to develop another character that might not be around long but is still vital to the story. 

The franchise has taken in several big stars over the years so being able to take in Washington would be fairly easy. The hardest thing would be getting him to say yes since once a person says no to a movie it’s likely that their mind won’t be changed by anything other than a monumental shift in the script that will get them thinking that perhaps now is the time to make their move and join the cast. There would no doubt be a serious debate over whether the Fast and Furious franchise has evolved in a positive manner since like it or not, some people will still tend to think that despite the box office numbers, a movie can still be a giant waste of time. Box office numbers can be misleading to tell the truth since many people might make their way to the theater with the idea that the movie will either be all kinds of awesome or will at least be something that might be interesting. Just imagine if people could take their money back if they weren’t entirely satisfied. There would be quite a few movies that might actually lose money if this was a reality. 

The point is that the Fast and Furious franchise has become a little crazy considering that they left reality behind a while ago, possibly back in the first movie when things managed to get just a little wild. Once 2 Fast 2 Furious made its way forward reality really said goodbye since a lot of the stunts that have been choreographed over the years have little to no chance of ever happening in real life without severe bodily injury or death. But the acting, well, even that has been suspect at times, but it’s been solid enough that people have managed to enjoy it for a while. Bringing Denzel into the mix would hopefully make it possible for everyone to tighten their acting up just a little bit since it’s been seen quite often that Denzel is usually on point and can stand as the example that others need to see in order to do their best. In a big way it feels as though he’d be a great villain for the Fast and Furious franchise, though he could be a decent hero as well. 

It might not happen, but there are a couple of cast members that would like to see it happen. If Denzel did say yes it’s easy to think a lot of people would lose their minds since the fact is that he’s still considered to be one of the greatest starts in Hollywood, and his mere presence is enough to make some people go silent. But for a franchise such as the Fast and Furious, it does feel as though he would decide to keep his distance unless the script was just that good. 

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